Controlled by Guilt

Barb had been trying for years to improve her relationship with her mother, Sandra. Barb tried everything. She would go over there for a quiet dinner with Sandra and then find herself being criticized for neglecting her husband and son. Barb tried staying away. She caught hell for that too. Her mom would lash out: “You don’t care about me. You don’t care about anyone but yourself.”


8 Mistakes to Avoid When Arguing

Many people who have to live or work with the chronically angry  feel unprepared to cope with their titanic temper tantrums. When we don't know what to do when faced with anger, we have an unfortunate tendency to make up our own interventions. This DIY approach  to cope with someone's monumental rage is usually counter-productive and ineffective.  They only prolong the pain and magnify its destructive consequences.  We are pouring salt in his wound. Here are some common mistakes: