Don’t Be Afraid of Happiness

As bipolar disorder goes, mine tends to lean more towards depression than mania. I fight a lot of inner battles and have a lot of silent conversations with God. I have the tendency to focus on bad things that have happened and fears that I have, many of which are overblown. I often struggle to feel anything at all, which is almost worse than being negative and afraid. You can talk about fear and sadness. Even better, you can write about fear and sadness. When you feel nothing, though, you can DO nothing.

Jeff Dunn on ‘Quitting Christians’

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If you feel like other Christians don't "get" you, you are - and I have said this many times - not alone.
Jeff Dunn of Internet Monk understands.

Internet Monk is one of the highest-ranking religious blogs on the 'net, and Jeff is one of its gatekeepers. In this post, Quitting Christians, Jeff discusses his frustration with his depression and the lack of support at church:
One person....


Shaunti Feldhahn’s “Only” Books Re-Released Today

Shameless plug time:

It's a big day for my sweet friend, Shaunti Feldhahn. (And her awesome husband and co-author, Jeff!) Her books For Women Only and For Men Only are re-released today, complete with new info. This book SAVED MY MARRIAGE - I'll blog about that sometime soon. I have worked for Shaunti on and off over the years, and I know these books inside and out and I've seen firsthand just how much...


Help is a Miracle if You Can Find it

This post has nothing to do with gun control. The cartoon above is only to show how easy it is for someone to purchase a high-powered weapon compared to how easy it is to find quality mental health care.

Now here's an all-too-familiar story that is frustrating, sad, and scary.

Pat Milam testified before a panel of law makers and mental health experts about his son, Matt, last week. Matt struggled with severe paranoia and spent...


If God Healed my Bipolar Disorder…Would I Realize It?

I believe in God even though I have never physically met Him. I have seen enough evidence of God to bolster my faith. I have far more faith in the supernatural than I do in coincidence. The things many people see as stuff that "just happens" fit too closely with the details of my life and background for me to write them off as random happenings. I also believe in healing, but I believe in it because I have seen it happen with my own eyes, in my life, and in the lives of others. I believe that God could reach down right now and take my bipolar disorder away, if He wanted to. I don't think that's over-reaching. If I believe God created the universe, then it would be foolish of me not to believe He could take away this disease. I believe that if Jesus Christ walked into the room right now, I wouldn't even have to ask for healing. I could reach out and touch Him and be done with this nonsense. There are denominations out there that don't believe in modern-day miracles. According to their theology, all the miracles happened during Bible times and we're on our own now. I respectfully disagree. I've seen God do far too much to ascribe to that belief system.

Help Me Spread the Word

I've never made a video before. I should say that upfront.

However, in an effort to introduce myself to more people and get my message out to a wider audience, I decided to do a short video about my story, what I'm trying to do in terms of educating Christians about mental illness, and why.

If you find it to be useful, please share it with as many people as you can. Thanks in advance. More actual blogging to come...


Adolescent Bipolar Disorder: If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

As a high school in the mid-1990s, I was given the label of "lazy." That's what you call kids who skip school, never do the homework they're given when they show up, and sleep on their desks. The consensus was that I just didn't care, and everyone was right about that most of the time. I was just trying to survive until I could graduate. Were it not for my parents, I might have dropped out.


Let God Do His Thing

  A few years ago, there was a couple living in our building that made life miserable. We'll call them Ann and Bob. They fought, sometimes physically, at all hours of the day and night. Bob was bipolar, but make no mistake - you can be bipolar and still be a jerk and the two are not always mutually exclusive. Doors slammed constantly, there was always screaming, things got thrown... including the Ann. One night, very late, my husband and I heard a crash, followed by sobbing. Bob had thrown Ann through a glass table and she was covered in blood and shards of glass. After he realized what he did, he overdosed on booze and pills and my husband stayed with him to make sure he was breathing while I comforted Ann. She admitted to me that he had punched her in the chest, but refused to discuss it with the police.


Science and the Bible Agree: Remembering Good Stuff is Good For You

Depression is an insidious liar. It tells you that everything is bad. The sun doesn't shine bright enough, you feel alone even with a phone full of contact numbers, and there is no glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. You can have everything going for you, but you feel like your life is still on pause. British psychologists have found that reflecting on happier times can lift your mood. That came as no shock to me, but how do you think about good things when your brain has wired you to focus on the negative? Fortunately, those same British psychologists have come up with a way to help people do just that.


Mental Illness, Ministry, and Manipulation

Even as I write a blog about Christians learning how to minister to people with mental illness, I am faced with a dilemma of my own about how to respond to someone who is suffering.

I argue that mental illness is just as physiological as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, and yet it is so vastly different and can be so difficult to navigate. It is often much easier to know how to handle a purely...