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Archives for July, 2014


The Science of Prayer and Healing

Yesterday I wrote about praying for others and how it can improve and stave off depression in many cases. Sometimes I get accused of not being "scientific" enough for some tastes - understandable - so I thought I'd throw a little science into the equation today.

I found a study on the National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health website that I wanted to share with you. The purpose of the...
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Pray for Others and Stop Pitying Yourself

When I'm stressed out and overwhelmed by anxiety, I picture the red parlor piano my grandparents had in their basement in New York. It was always out of tune but my cousins and I couldn't resist it. They actually knew how to play the piano, but no matter what they played it always sounded kind of creepy, even a little demonic because the wires were warped.

Then I'd come in with no piano skills whatsoever and...
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The World’s Most Eye-Opening Psychiatrist Appointment

Finally, after more than a year, I got to see a psychiatrist yesterday. Forgive my negativity, but…I was not expecting much, and the good doctor did not disappoint. He did not exactly come highly recommended. He just happened to be taking new patients.

I was greeted with a half-hearted handshake, directed to a couch, and told in no uncertain terms that our appointment would be 45 minutes and not a minute longer.

“I’m going to ask...
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