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Archives for April, 2013


Rick Warren’s Petition of Hope

It's a little late for Wednesday's Hope Round-Up, but this story gave me a lot of hope: Rick Warren wants what we all want - to urge educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and church congregations to raise the awareness and lower the stigma of mental illness … and support the families that deal with mental illness on a daily basis.

As you may know, Rick Warren's son, Matthew, committed suicide on April 5 after a long...
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Wednesday’s Hope Round-Up, and a GIVEAWAY

I'm sitting here listening to the season's first thunderstorm, and I have all of my windows open because I can't get enough of the sweet-smelling breeze that's brushing my face. The power is flickering on and off, so I wanted to post a few items of interest before I have to rummage for my candles and my internet gets zapped.

I've decided to start a weekly list of helpful and encouraging links, and since it's Wednesday and...
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A Few Thoughts on the Death of Rick Warren’s Son


This afternoon I found out that Pastor Rick Warren's youngest son committed suicide and my heart just broke. (Rick Warren is one of the founders of Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered 12-step group I mentioned in my last post.) I was struck by the contrast between the joy I felt earlier in the day and the despair that young man must have felt in his last moments.
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Sexual Abuse, a Painful Past, and Recovery


Everyone found out about the sexual abuse on my birthday.

A handful of energetic fifth-graders had gathered at my house for a slumber party. Man, my parents always hated those. Probably every parent who has ever experienced a sleep-over can understand why. The rented movies went unwatched; the girls were more interested in playing Truth or Dare. At some point, my mother said it was time to be quiet and go to sleep, but we never...
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