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Archives for March, 2013


Happy Easter

Happy Easter, readers! He is risen!

I hope you have a nice Easter Sunday and if you are struggling, know that I'm praying for joy to find its way into your heart today.

If you're interested, I did a little blogging at my personal blog today about what God's Word means to me. Cross photo available from...
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You Can’t Make People Wake Up. Only Evil Coffee Can Do That.


I had the most interesting conversation the other night on Twitter, and I couldn't wait to blog about it here, but I had to give it some extra thought, first.

When someone starts talking about demons at Starbucks, my ears prick up. That's my personality. I'm one of those people who listen in on others' conversations at Red Robin, and I chime in on conversations at the grocery store. This guy - who leads a...
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Diabetes Ursurped Mental Illness This Week

Can I vent? I mean, can we skip the psychology talk and just be blunt today?

As I write this, I'm totally exhausted. I'm fighting the good fight but I want to take a week-long nap. See, I don't want to be a hypocrite. I think if you're going to write about the Christian walk and coping with emotional problems, you should follow through in your own life. I get fed up with people who give...
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Don’t Be Afraid of Happiness

As bipolar disorder goes, mine tends to lean more towards depression than mania. I fight a lot of inner battles and have a lot of silent conversations with God. I have the tendency to focus on bad things that have happened and fears that I have, many of which are overblown. I often struggle to feel anything at all, which is almost worse than being negative and afraid. You can talk about fear and...
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Jeff Dunn on ‘Quitting Christians’

Amazed By Grace now has a Facebook page. Feel free to pop in. :-)

If you feel like other Christians don't "get" you, you are - and I have said this many times - not alone.
Jeff Dunn of Internet Monk understands.

Internet Monk is one of the highest-ranking religious blogs on the 'net, and Jeff is one of its gatekeepers. In this post, Quitting Christians, Jeff discusses his frustration with his depression and the lack of support at church:
One person....
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Shaunti Feldhahn’s “Only” Books Re-Released Today

Shameless plug time:

It's a big day for my sweet friend, Shaunti Feldhahn. (And her awesome husband and co-author, Jeff!) Her books For Women Only and For Men Only are re-released today, complete with new info. This book SAVED MY MARRIAGE - I'll blog about that sometime soon. I have worked for Shaunti on and off over the years, and I know these books inside and out and I've seen firsthand just how much...
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Help is a Miracle if You Can Find it

This post has nothing to do with gun control. The cartoon above is only to show how easy it is for someone to purchase a high-powered weapon compared to how easy it is to find quality mental health care.

Now here's an all-too-familiar story that is frustrating, sad, and scary.

Pat Milam testified before a panel of law makers and mental health experts about his son, Matt, last week. Matt struggled with severe paranoia and spent...
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If God Healed my Bipolar Disorder…Would I Realize It?

I believe in God even though I have never physically met Him. I have seen enough evidence of God to bolster my faith. I have far more faith in the supernatural than I do in coincidence. The things many people see as stuff that "just happens" fit too closely with the details of my life and background for me to write them off as random happenings. I also believe in healing, but I believe in...
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Help Me Spread the Word

I've never made a video before. I should say that upfront.

However, in an effort to introduce myself to more people and get my message out to a wider audience, I decided to do a short video about my story, what I'm trying to do in terms of educating Christians about mental illness, and why.

If you find it to be useful, please share it with as many people as you can. Thanks in advance. More actual blogging to come...
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Adolescent Bipolar Disorder: If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

As a high school in the mid-1990s, I was given the label of "lazy." That's what you call kids who skip school, never do the homework they're given when they show up, and sleep on their desks. The consensus was that I just didn't care, and everyone was right about that most of the time. I was just trying to survive until I could graduate. Were it not for my parents, I might have dropped...
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