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Successful Student Habit #1: Get Enough Sleep!

What is sleep for, anyway? It may seem like a waste to spend 1/3 of every day snoozing; why not binge-watch a good show or do some extra online shopping instead?

Yet, research keeps pouring out about the importance of sleep. Inadequate sleep is implicated in anxiety, depression, other emotional disorders, attention issues, unhealthy weight gain and poor cognition.

Sleep, literally, clears the mind. The brain cleans out toxins during sleep. That's why you...
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Set These Routines And Start The School Year Right

I don't know about you, but I feel ready to get back into the comforting structure of the school-year schedule. Routines makes life easier and less stressful in so many ways.

Good routines are also the key to school success! The best students intentionally create habits that help them work efficiently, learn deeply, stay healthy, and get good grades without struggling.

Here are three of the simplest, most basic routines to establish now for success throughout...
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3 Easy Ways To Use Your Notes For Final Exam Studying

Many students take notes in class but then don't use them to study.

Actively rereading your science or history notes before review week is a great way to prime your brain to retain the material your teacher will soon be going over in class:

Read your notes out loud. This works best when you read to another person, but you can read to yourself, too.
As you read, put question marks next to...
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Study Gradually, Starting NOW, To Be Ready For Final Exams

Many otherwise good students didn't do as well as they had hoped on their midterm exams. They couldn't remember the quantities of material, or they couldn't pull isolated facts and procedures together and use them in a coordinated way.

What's the point of working so hard to learn, a student may wonder, if the material is just going to fall out of my head? 

The brain holds onto information which it has used actively and repeatedly. Research...
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Exam Tip: Make the Cheat Sheet You Wish You Could Use

Teachers often allow students to bring "cheat sheets" to exams.

A cheat sheet is an index card or single sheet of paper which the student can fill with all the facts and formulas she needs to know but is afraid she doesn't have by heart. (When given only a 3x5 space to fill, many kids can achieve some truly amazing, near-microscopic handwriting).

Even if you can't actually bring a cheat sheet to the exam,...
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3 More Tips to Feel Ready for Midterm Exams

Big exams can seem overwhelming, but there's plenty you can do to get ready.

Here are three more tips (I posted the first three here); pick and choose or try them all!

Tackle the easy stuff first. Cover the material you know pretty well and then cross it off your list. Start by going through your old tests and quizzes and reworking all the easy problems. This will give you a sense of accomplishment...
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Emotions and Feelings

3 Tips to Reduce Midterm Exam Anxiety

Big exams make just about everyone feel anxious.

Here are three tips that can help make exam season go smoothly:

Get started now. Anxiety builds as you worry and do nothing. It may feel very difficult to get started, but you will feel immediate relief once you do.
Begin reviewing now. You need not wait until teachers hand out review guides. Get out your old tests and quizzes and begin reworking them. (Don't merely reread the questions and...
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Tests Are Valuable Learning Tools

When students get a test back, they typically glance at the grade and then stuff the test in their backpack, never to think about it again (unless, of course, the test has a refrigerator-worthy high score).

Meanwhile, teachers invest time and effort making careful corrections and thoughtful comments. This feedback is meant to help kids learn and improve. Reviewing test results with students and helping kids digest the information is an important part...
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