math formulas photoTeachers often allow students to bring “cheat sheets” to exams.

A cheat sheet is an index card or single sheet of paper which the student can fill with all the facts and formulas she needs to know but is afraid she doesn’t have by heart. (When given only a 3×5 space to fill, many kids can achieve some truly amazing, near-microscopic handwriting).

Even if you can’t actually bring a cheat sheet to the exam, creating one is excellent preparation; it forces you to think carefully about what you know well vs. what you’re still shaky on, what’s important vs. what’s of lower priority.

Page through your notes and write up the cheat sheet you wish you could bring on test day, then use it to study from.

A related idea is this printable “Quickie Sheet” for a good day-before-test review.


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Photo by Dylan231