Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I purposely waited until December 26 to make this post, figuring that this week between Christmas and New Years might be the perfect time to present my little gift to you.

I love TED talks; I watch them often, I show them in my classes, and I routinely share them with loved ones and students.

There are a number of TED talks that have, without exaggeration, profoundly and permanently changed my own life for the better.

Several have demystified aspects of my own mind and emotions, thus helping me feel more confident, serene and happy. Others have provided perspective on cultural forces which shape and form our lives in ways that are usually invisible to us, the knowledge of which I found to be deeply empowering.

I’ve selected twelve of my favorite TED talks, each addressing aspects of happiness, emotional health and well-being, and I’ve assembled them in what feels to me like a user-friendly order, beginning with one that will literally change your life in two minutes flat!

My fondest hope is that you will check out at least a few of these talks. They contain real science in comprehensible form, real knowledge about how our minds work that can be applied to your own life, right now.

Guaranteed, you will find fresh perspectives, answers to important questions, and a bunch of practical life hacks perfect for incorporating into your New Year’s resolutions.

Twelve Days of Happiness

Wishing you a happy, healthy and serene 2013!   -Leigh Pretnar Cousins

[photo of the ceiling in the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona]