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Archives for March, 2012

Emotions and Feelings

How Quickly Do You Process Your Emotions?

There's a dead dog lying in the middle of the road, and we both see it.

As if jolted by a cattle prod, my highly sensitive companion rears in her seat and wails. Ooooooohhhh Nooooooooo!!!! She trembles and her eyes well up.

Meanwhile, I just keep on driving. I'd been deep in our conversation, and the meaning of that inert, furry heap in the center of the roadway hasn't...
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Permission to Be Quiet

Here comes spring, and I'm eager to get outside. There's nothing I enjoy more than Central Park on a sunny weekend afternoon.

I go for the fresh air and sunshine and pretty surroundings and exercise. I bring a book and I sit on a bench by myself and

...which is the sort of behavior that leads extrovert pals to frown in concern and ask me questions like this: Why don't you...
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Four Study Tips You Might Not Expect!

I gave this talk today for the PTA at my local high school:
1. Consider Location: Where Does Your Child Do His or Her Homework?
The bedroom is often the worst place in the house!

It's lonely (no companionship or support)
It's full of distractions, electronic and other
And there's that sleep-inducing effect of staring at or studying on one's warm, cozy, tempting bed

Better choices:

Dining room table
Kitchen table...
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The Crippling Fear of the Unwise Choice

In the fall of my senior year of high school, I applied to one college. I was accepted. I attended.

This was waaaay back in 1977, and many of my peers report similar experiences. Most of us somehow wound up attending institutes of higher learning. "Choice" doesn't necessarily feel like the right word to describe the processes that got us there.

In the abstract, I can imagine having searched more thoroughly...
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Can Limiting Choice Make Writing Flow?

Do we need other people in order to understand ourselves better?

Take just a few seconds to consider this question.

OK, now: unless you were too rushed or distracted to actually invest those few seconds, you found that your mind automatically began forming a reply.

Questions can be great for kicking the brain into a productive mode, because:

Questions stimulate thinking,
Questions provide focus.

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Can Too Much Choice Be a Bad Thing?

I haven't been blogging a lot lately, and the main reason is because I stare at that blank computer screen and I've got SO MUCH to say, I can't decide what to write about first.

I'm like a mule stuck between at least twenty intriguing potential-subject haystacks, paralyzed by the sheer number of interesting things I've been reading and discussing, all of which I long to express in print.

None of which is happening.

It's wonderful to...
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