[On Saturdays my topic of focus is A Small, Good Thing, inspired by one of my favorite Raymond Carver stories.]

Some people like to make large, dramatic life changes, while others aspire to gradual, incremental improvements. (Personally, I’m of that second camp.)

Joel Fuhrman’s excellent book, Eat to Live, contains valuable nutrition advice for everyone. For those who relish Big Change, Dr. Furhman will help you become a vegan, give up all caffeine and alcohol, and lose hundreds of pounds.

Meanwhile, for the Gentle Souls (wussies like me who hate discomfort and feel anxious when their metabolisms are tweaked too violently), Dr. Fuhrman offers this simple, lovely prescription.

Every day, whatever else you consume, eat:

  • A large salad
  • A cup of beans
  • A bowl of steamed vegetables

Not only will you feel better and slowly, gently, lose a little weight…you’ll also be automatically eating less animal material and processed stuff, thus lessening your impact on the environment.

I’d like to add my own homely little admonition: Hydrate!

It’s wintertime here in New England and yet again I’ve forgotten that in January I need to drink MORE water.

Since November, the cold weather and the holidays have had me drinking lots of invigorating hot coffee, plus yummy alcohol-based treats (wine! cordials! egg nog!)…and lately wondering why I’m feeling so puffy and sluggish.

So I’m drinking more water, eating soups, and drinking a cup of decaf herbal tea in between every cup of coffee…and feeling TONS better!

Have you got any small, good January tips to share?

[photo of my fur-guys eating well and drinking lots of water]