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Archives for September, 2010


Personal Change is Hard! Be Patient!

Personal change is hard, hard, hard!

Whether it's my students trying to develop better study skills or me trying to change a bad habit, progress can seem  glacially slow and like two-steps-forward-one-step-back.

Any sort of personal change is a learning process, requiring the re-wiring of mental circuits. Neurons in the brain need to reconfigure themselves into new pathways, and this takes time and effort and repetition.

Personal change also requires renovating one's identity, one's sense of self. The...
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Emotions and Feelings

The Power of Knowing Why and How

I feel better when I understand WHY and HOW things work.

Are you like this?

I'm sipping my morning coffee and reading today's Beyond Blue. Therese Borchard reports that the sound of water calms her down. For her therapist, clouds do the trick.

Knowledge is what calms me down. Information, especially about human behavior, emotions, how the human brain works, always makes me feel better.

Knowledge gives me the power to change many things.
And even if I...
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The Baloney Factory: Defending Identity and Self-Image

The maintenance and restoration work on my dilapidated "vintage" convertible finally became too much for me, and I replaced it with a nearly-new, low-maintenance Honda sports car.

I stopped by Al's shop to show off my new toy. Al's the guy who works on our cars and who adopted my old LeMans. He restores old muscle cars and shows and races them. I was sure he'd gush over my nifty new acquisition, and at first he...
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Learning to Be Responsible and Autonomous

It is back-to-school time which means I have a bunch of new tutoring students. I'm spending lots of time explaining to parents what I do, how I work, what I believe about learning and child development, and what I strive to accomplish with my students.

I'm usually hired because a student is struggling with some school subject (most often, math), and so the surface goal is to help them improve in that area. But my overarching...
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