I’m not a big New Year’s resolution person.

I think it’s because Jan 1, although technically the beginning of a new year, feels like the middle of something (winter) to me. It’s not the right time for fresh starts.

Instead, every Jan 1, I make this same pseudo-resolve: To get as much of what I want as I possibly can.

Totally self-centered and indulgent as this may sound, it’s always been a great exercise for me.

What do I want? How do I get it? Putting those questions on the front burner of my attention shifts my focus away from the everyday-mid-winter grind and towards my life goals and desires. It helps me think about my own emotions and needs, which are things I sometimes lose track of.

I save the self-improvement list for summer, which feels to me like a better time to turn new leaves. The warmth and sunshine lend optimism and energy, and the year is half over; time to regroup!

Plus, the school year is done and my workload is lighter.

Here’s my list so far. (It’s pretty much the same list every year, though the specifics change.)

  • Read some classics
  • Catch up on movies
  • Get back to healthy eating
  • Get back to regular exercise
  • Clean out the attic (this keeps not happening, but I always put it on the list)

Have you got any book or movie recommendations for me?

Do you have any summer resolutions?

And for this summer, I’ve added:

  • Write a book!

My plan is to put together a manual full of tutoring tips and insights. I want to collect up the “wisdom” I’ve gained over the decades and put it into a booklet that tutors, teachers, parents and home schoolers could use.

Do you have any questions about tutoring, teaching or learning that you think I should address in my book?

photo taken at LisSurMer, where the best of my summer resolutions get realized