WIDOWS and WIDOWERS: Marking the First Anniversary after Death

Losing a spouse is a life-altering event, with long-lasting emotions. But one must keep living, allow others to keep living, yet honor the beloved who has passed. The first anniversary of that death can be one of the toughest milestones to reach and process through.

While supporting a friend, I visited grief support group sessions earlier this year. I heard of a few ways widows processed the first anniversary of their husband's death. (Alas, there...


WIDOWERS: One Year Since Death. Now What? Part I

Everyone grieves differently. This is true for widows and widowers. Whether married a few years, or for decades, the death of a spouse can be a devastating development, replete with erratic emotions, loneliness, fear, anxiety, heartache, relief (if a bad marriage or a protracted terminal illness) and uncertainty about the future.

Historically, the bereaved spouse is "supposed to wait a year" to show proper respect to the departed loved one. But is that "old hat"?...


Binge Eating Disorder: Interview with Author Dr. Hilda Lee

"You're too thin; eat a cheeseburger!" "You're too fat; just push away from the table!" People just can't win with the matter of body image and weight. Many assume that eating disorders are purely a matter of will, and the psychology of some eating patterns are overlooked or dismissed. This often occurs with those who suffer with Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

Dr. Hilda D. Lee has written a new book, In...


Today’s Customer Service not “Friendly,” but Annoying

21st-century modern annoyances. There are many that accost our psyche. One modern-day annoyance is so called "customer service." Customer service used to be "friendly" (or, at least that was the stated goal). But now, more than ever, it is an absolute PITA…not the kind you eat.

Company heads, please take note: Shopping in stores; or calling a business, government or doctor's office is no longer pleasurable. Here are fifteen of what I find to be...


Driving is NOT a Social Activity. Look Up and Drive!

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness MonthYou've seen it: Drivers sporting earbuds. A pet in the lap. Social media icons flashing on dashboard screens. Beverage cups in one hand; and an ever-present cell phone device in the other in order to dial or send that really-not-that-important text message. Distracted Driving is a heath hazard and is the new STD—socially transmitted disease. It kills. It must be eradicated.


Feed Your Relationship Every Day of the Year

One day when counseling a friend about his relationship, I used a medical "pearl of wisdom" that we physicians use to heal bodies, and I applied it to his attempts to work out his relationship. I then realized that many of these medical pearls also serve as excellent words of wisdom and guidance to promote healthier interpersonal relationships.

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