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Alex Trebek, Pancreatic Cancer and a Cautionary Tale

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek: The ever-handsome, debonair, [yes, sexy], suave game show host, loved by Americans and others around the world.

Trebek has hosted Jeopardy since 1984. Over those thirty-five years, he, with the help of the show’s researchers and producers, has thrust knowledge unto all who watch the show. He, too, acquired vast knowledge about topics A through Z.

But one thing he had no knowledge about--the symptoms he had experienced over a few months were likely the...


“Shaming” or Informing? “Stigmatizing” or Educating? The Generational Divide

A "McCloudism": “Reason what’s written or said, before you react and rage.” Many in today’s society are quick to engage in extrapolations of message instead of simply reading and reasoning what is actually said or written. This is bad for communication.

How can people of different generations communicate these days? Some see “shaming” others see “informing.” Some see “stigmatizing”; others see “educating.” What’s a civilized society to do? What happened to Reading Comprehension 101?

July 2019 provided...


The “KITTY GENOVESE ‘BYSTANDER EFFECT’” Still Applies, 55 Years hence

Kitty Genovese was murdered 55 years ago on March 13, 1964 in Kew Gardens, NY. Reportedly "38 people watched" her attack and no one called the cops. The story became the talk of the town, nation and world. Although the number of ear-or-eye witnesses was later refuted, the fact remained that many more people bore some witness to the attack than those who came to the victim’s aid, or, minimally, called the cops. Many witnesses stated, "I...


Children of Unloving Mothers at Mother’s Day

“Not All Mothers are Loving and Kind” is the title of a blog post I wrote in 2013. To this date, my inbox is flush with emails from children of unloving mothers. I’ve received over a thousand emails. I get hundreds of emails each year , from all over the world. The pain, frustration, confusion, anger, despair, even desperation the victim-writers feel (and live every day) is palpable in their letters to me.

Many write just...


Brett Kavanaugh’s Saga: What Lessons to Your Kids about Youthful Words & Deeds?

I am an American. (Note: I am not an “African-American.” I am an American—a Black American.) And despite being amidst writing a book proposal about today’s dysfunctional healthcare system, as an American, I watched practically all of the Sept. 27, 2018 testimony given by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It was riveting history in the making. It was like watching the OJ “white Bronco chase,” or the Waco standoff. I had to watch; millions of Americans did, too.

The Accusations. The...


Meghan Markle’s Father: A “Toxic” Parent?

Harassment. Intentional infliction of emotional distress. Defamation of character. Slander. These are some of the words in a Cease and Desist letter written by an attorney to a toxic parent who took steps to destroy their child's name, success and happiness, despite all the child was doing to bring happiness, well-being and comforts to that parent.

These are the same words I think newlywed Meghan Markle--the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex--could, likewise, apply to the continuing actions...


Widows & Widowers: Marking the First Anniversary after Death

Losing a spouse is a life-altering event, with long-lasting emotions. But one must keep living, allow others to keep living, yet honor the beloved who has passed. The first anniversary of that death can be one of the toughest milestones to reach and process through.

While supporting a friend, I visited grief support group sessions earlier this year. I heard of a few ways widows processed the first anniversary of their husband's death. (Alas, there...


Widowers: One Year Since Death. Now What? Part I

Everyone grieves differently. This is true for widows and widowers. Whether married a few years, or for decades, the death of a spouse can be a devastating development, replete with erratic emotions, loneliness, fear, anxiety, heartache, relief (if a bad marriage or a protracted terminal illness) and uncertainty about the future.

Historically, the bereaved spouse is "supposed to wait a year" to show proper respect to the departed loved one. But is that "old hat"?...


Binge Eating Disorder: Interview with Author Dr. Hilda Lee

"You're too thin; eat a cheeseburger!" "You're too fat; just push away from the table!" People just can't win with the matter of body image and weight. Many assume that eating disorders are purely a matter of will, and the psychology of some eating patterns are overlooked or dismissed. This often occurs with those who suffer with Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

Dr. Hilda D. Lee has written a new book, In...