The First Black Female Physician: Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler’s Story

NBC Nightly News featured Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler--the first Black female physician in the United States. She graduated in 1864 from what is now Boston University School of Medicine. In July 2020, a headstone was finally placed at the grave site of Dr. Crumpler and her husband, Arthur Crumpler. I share with you the NBC segment

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And the Boston Globe published an article...


Color, Naturally GOOD! Just not Naturally-Colored Skin?

2020. What a time. A global pandemic. Political criminality. Economic instability and heightened, renewed racial discord, disharmony and unrest.

There's much I can say or post; but for now, I'll share TWO POEMS: One, a poem I wrote years ago: "NATURE PROVES IT TRUE." It addresses how color is so good, loved, desired in all aspects of life--food, art, nature; but when it comes to naturally colored skin (, no tanning beds required!), too many folks...


I am NOT an “African-American”! Stop Calling Me That.

It is past-time that this be publicly said: The term “African-American” is a misnomer for native-born Black Americans; and the media, and many Black Americans, need to stop using it.

When you hear “African-American,” do you think of Charlize Theron, Elon Musk, Sienna Miller, or Tolkien? Probably not. You probably think of people naturally-blessed with various, rich skin tones; people who look like me, no tanning beds required. But Theron, Miller and the others were...

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Corona Pandemic demonstrates what Physicians Do Every Day

I early conceived a liking for, and sought every opportunity to be in, a position to relieve the suffering of others.” —Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler (1831-1895); the first Black female physician in the United States
 In a time of crisis, epidemic or pandemic, “who ya gonna call?”: An athlete? A booty-shaking singer? Television or movie stars? Yes, entertainers’ work provide humans fun. They make us laugh, or can foster team pride. But are they...


CoronaVirus COVID-19: Suggestions on How to Pass the Time

Now is not a time to panic; but as I’d tell patients facing serious illness or difficult diagnoses, now is a time to be prayerful; but also practical and prepared.

Instead of people going to work, school, businesses, out to eat, socialize, and enjoy are advised to stay home as much as possible. Kids are home, and might feel deprived of things to do and without socialization.

Try to get people off their devices; use this...

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Alex Trebek, Pancreatic Cancer and a Cautionary Tale

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek: The ever-handsome, debonair, [yes, sexy], suave game show host, loved by Americans and others around the world.

Trebek has hosted Jeopardy since 1984. Over those thirty-five years, he, with the help of the show’s researchers and producers, has thrust knowledge unto all who watch the show. He, too, acquired vast knowledge about topics A through Z.

But one thing he had no knowledge about--the symptoms he had experienced over a few months were likely the...


“Shaming” or Informing? “Stigmatizing” or Educating? The Generational Divide

A "McCloudism": “Reason what’s written or said, before you react and rage.” Many in today’s society are quick to engage in extrapolations of message instead of simply reading and reasoning what is actually said or written. This is bad for communication.

How can people of different generations communicate these days? Some see “shaming” others see “informing.” Some see “stigmatizing”; others see “educating.” What’s a civilized society to do? What happened to Reading Comprehension 101?

July 2019 provided...


The “KITTY GENOVESE ‘BYSTANDER EFFECT’” Still Applies, 55 Years hence

Kitty Genovese was murdered 55 years ago on March 13, 1964 in Kew Gardens, NY. Reportedly "38 people watched" her attack and no one called the cops. The story became the talk of the town, nation and world. Although the number of ear-or-eye witnesses was later refuted, the fact remained that many more people bore some witness to the attack than those who came to the victim’s aid, or, minimally, called the cops. Many witnesses stated, "I...


Children of Unloving Mothers at Mother’s Day

“Not All Mothers are Loving and Kind” is the title of a blog post I wrote in 2013. To this date, my inbox is flush with emails from children of unloving mothers. I’ve received over a thousand emails. I get hundreds of emails each year , from all over the world. The pain, frustration, confusion, anger, despair, even desperation the victim-writers feel (and live every day) is palpable in their letters to me.

Many write just...