2 thoughts on “Do I Have Trauma? Why Do the Same Things Keep Happening?

  • October 31, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    In 1999 I learned that what I was and had been experiencing for a long time was PTSD. After 17 years, several therapists, doctors, medications, episodes of major depression, and literally thousands of hours of personal study trying to learn how to leave this in the past and help myself to heal – I find myself deeply frustrated when I hear about how “treatable” PTSD is and how people can completely recover and be symptom free. Please, please help me learn how. It’s immensely difficult to believe in my future or or to do much more than live day to day when so very little progress has occurred in so much time, when those I love pay so much of the price along with me, over and over again, and when the experts (doctors, therapists, etc) despite their best intentions, don’t have solutions that effect real, meaningful change.


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