One thought on “Why Do We All Blame the Victim?

  • November 26, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    I really appreciate this article because I often feel that I am being blamed for the negative things that have happened in my life. I was abused as a child (sexually and physically) by my father and (physically and emotionally) by my mother. My first husband left me because he wanted other women and my 2nd husband left me for another woman. I’ve lost 3 jobs in the last 10 years for no reason other than I was doing the right thing to the best of my ability. One company sold and consolidated, another tried to get me to do something illegal and another fired me for something I didn’t do. In all of this, I have been blamed and have had to suffer consequences that have been rather dire. I have felt responsible, as a result, and have come to blame myself. I’ve come to think I deserve bad things; that I must be a horrible person. This article helped me to consider that perhaps there are outside forces that aren’t in my control and that aren’t my fault. So maybe, though I’m imperfect, I’m not deserving of the harsh judgements I, and others, have had of me. Or of all the really negative things that have happened to me. Thank you for giving me a new perspective to consider.


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