Hetti RossHetti M. Ross is a writer living in Scotland. She is a freelance writer by day, a fiction writer by night and a tired person in the hours in between. You can read one of her short stories here. Hetti is founder of the We Are The Beautifully Weird Facebook community – supporting people struggling with mental illness and/or providing an inclusive space for anyone who has ever felt that they don’t quite fit in. Adopted on the 4th of July 1980, and later in life diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, she straddles the adoptee/mentally ill identity — the stigma of being mentally unwell some of the time and not knowing who you are all of the time.

She has written for many mental health charities and organisations including Black Dog Tribe, The Blurt Foundation, Let’s All Be Free, Care To Share Magazine, and is featured in the mental health awareness anthology “A Day in My Head” and volume three of the “Stigma Fighters’ Anthology. She has her own blog at The Triumphant Weed where she shares short stories, opinion pieces and candid posts about her own personal struggles.

Hetti lives with her husband, their old dog, lolpop and new puppy, Logan in the Scottish countryside surrounded by cows, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, pheasants and Shetland Ponies. She loves with a passion: books, cups of tea, her allotment, a roasted tomato, Oscar Wilde, Lego, whisky, Batman and of course, words, especially when it comes to rewriting her own narrative.

Come and explore We Are the Beautifully Weird or follow Hetti on twitter @ThatHetti


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