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As a consequence of writing this blog, which is still very new, some great things have happened. One of these is finding myself speaking to more adoptees online whether through the comments section on here or over on Twitter. Two weeks ago, after a conversation, I began to think about adoptee support online. There is a lot of fantastic support from the wonderful podcast Adoptees On to blogs and websites providing resources including Nancy Verrier fantastic work to Confessions Of An Adoptee.

I started to ponder whether I could add anything extra – something that wasn’t already available but could bring additional support to the adoptee community. With this in mind, and after talking to people to get much needed feedback, I have decided to begin #adopteechat on twitter.

The point of this chat is to further build community and create a place for adoptees to come together once a week to discuss different topics. Of course, some will be hot button topics, something hard to avoid in this context but the aim is try and encourage discussion of a diverse range of issues – things that perhaps get overlooked, things not so easy to discuss or even those issues we think are adoptee related but aren’t quite sure.

I want #adopteechat to be a safe and supportive place, inclusive and respectful of everyone’s experiences and the varied emotional reactions to these experiences we all have. One of the things that has been important to me during my adoption journey has been the ability to talk to fellow adoptees – obviously made easier online – so as to talk about our shared adoption experiences, and find support and understanding during difficult times. It the hope that with #adopteechat another space will be created to foster these important connections and provide mutual support in the hope people can feel less alone.

As I mentioned earlier, each adoptee’s reality can be different and one aspect of this can be transracial adoption – where a child is placed with parents who are of a different race/ethnicity to themselves. I don’t have experience of transracial adoption personally but I know for those adoptees who have grown up this situation, it will be important to have someone who understands their lives through direct lived experience. This is why I am pleased to say I will co-host #adopteechat with the phenomenal Donna Blume, a transracial adoptee herself with an academic interest in bringing awareness to this aspect of adoption and all its nuances and complexities.

Hopefully the two of us working together can being a level of understanding and support to #adopteechat and with other adoptees compassion, thoughtfulness, understanding and  combined support, I can imagine and feel optimistic these chats could be great a success.

The chat will happen every Wednesday – the first happening on 21/06 between 8-9pm GMT.

 I hope all adoptees will join us for our first one – mainly an introductory chat where we can all get to know a little about each other – if that’s simply how much you love cake, that’s fine by me – and then return each week as we begin to explore different topics.

I am incredibly excited and looking forward to connecting with lots of wonderful adoptees and beginning something I hope will be a positive addition to the adoptee community.

I hope you will join us.