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The Pros and Cons of Participating in ADHD Research Studies

I've always wanted to participate in a study of the mind, but unfortunately I have so many intertwining 'issues' that I have not qualified for any.  However, I know the importance of participation for learning about the disease, and think people willing to add to that body of research, both the researchers and the participants, are true heroes.  It is through continual observation and learning that we will find better ways to cope with and...
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Research Participants Needed

Center for Healing the Human Spirit Needs Healthy and ADHD Participants for Research in Tarzana, CA

Do you have a child ages 6  to 17 that is healthy? 

International researchers need healthy participants for an ADHD Research Study. You can   participate if you are ages 6 to 17, do not have ADHD, have never taken stimulant medication, and meet the full criteria of this Study. Participation involves a phone pre-screening, two on-site visits, clinical assessments, and follow up interviews. Participation in this study is completely confidential.

Do you have a child ages...
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