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Happy Mental Health Blogging Day! Please Join Us in the Global Mental Health Movement

It is so amazing how organizations are popping up all over the world helping us join forces to tackle mental health diseases.  I was privileged enough to speak in Athens, Greece a few years ago about iFred's rebranding depression work, and learned from countries around the world just how important it is we work together to solve our greatest challenges.

I've just recently been asked to join their advisory board, and continue...
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ADHD, PMS and Women: Mastering Monthly Hormones When You Have ADHD

I haven't read studies, but I have to believe that women with ADHD have a much harder time coping with PMS than those without it.  I have always had depression, but my life was mixed with alcohol which makes things a lot less clear, as it is always changing your brain chemistry.

When I quit drinking completely at 33, and started living a more aware life sitting through any type of feeling, I...
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Holy Hormones Magnified by ADHD

It took me until I was 35 years old to figure out my hormones.  And even now they trick me no matter what I do to say I won't be affected.  I don't have just PMS, or PPMD, I have something-is-taking-over-my-body type hormonal changes.

I can only think it is made all the worse by my ADHD.  Let's think about it.  I get extremely moody, feel absolutely HORRIBLE in the pit of my being without even realizing why,...
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