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Archives for March, 2011


A Fantastic Artistic and Creative Exercise for ADHD thrivers

Creativity often times drives me crazy, because I don't follow the rules and I have some trouble staying in the lines.

When I was in grade school, I remember making a paper mache duck for my dad that only had one wing. People thought that was a bit odd but I thought my duck was cool, and just because by the time I got to the other wing I was ready to wrap up the project doesn't...
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This World is Overwhelming my ADHD: Tips for Keeping Depression Away During These Trying Times

I usually like to write productive, meaningful posts about ADHD. I try to keep it positive and be gentle and give suggestions on dealing with this puzzling brain disease. Not today. Today, I just want to rant a little about what this world is doing to my ADHD, with a few reminders on how I can keep afloat.

I'm simply overwhelmed with emotions. Fear, sadness, anger, hopelessness - you name it....
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The Downside of the ADHD Mind

I've been talking about the upside a lot - and I think it's important for friends, family and coworkers to all realize there is a MAJOR upside.  There is also something that I think a lot of people would benefit from understanding, in terms of the downside.  And if people did, they could save a LOT of painful, ultimately pointless conversations and conflicts.

Just as the ADHD mind has the ability to...
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