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Inside the Mind of the ADHDer; A Solution for Gay Marriage

Ant MazeIf you still don’t believe there is major value to the disorganized, scattered, wayward way of the ADHD mind, let me share an example of how it works.

Now, this may not be the best solution ever for solving the gay marriage issue, but it’s something my ADHD mind came up with that I guarantee a person who thinks along logical, straight lines might never imagine.  Our minds simply work in different ways.

I came up with the thought in bed this morning, while reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Committed, about the entire marriage concept.  She talks at length about why we get married, the failure rate of 50% that would never be tolerated in any other government run program, and our ongoing desire to ‘get married.’  It makes me wonder why on earth people don’t scrap this institution, and come up with a new one that works.

It seems to me the gay population is a perfect group to do this, not just because it may be a forever battle of banging heads against walls trying to convince others of moral  values, but because it gives the gay population a chance to create an entirely new union and beat the statistics of the so called ‘experts’ in values.  Come up with a new name, generate a better contract, get it recognized by Congress and have straight folks picketing for that same right.  Just maybe these same people won’t be so exclusive next time around.

They say if you can’t beat them, join them.  I say the reverse is true.  If you can’t join them, beat them.

This is about a two minute concept generated by someone with ADHD.  And believe me, the quick summation above is just that – a summation.  There is an elaborate, involved, intricate plan inside my head waiting to release solution after solution after solution for the problems and questions entering your mind right now.  Like a little ant building a home running into a rock and instead of fighting and fighting the rock, just moving around to continue building again and again and again.

This happens continually throughout the day, and granted a lot of the solutions are bad or impractical or irrelevant, but you will always find a few gems that someone with straight line thinking can spot and run off implementing.  Most likely just the thought of it exhausts someone that stays within the lines.

If you want to fully utilize an ADHD brain, put them in think tanks, brainstorm sessions, or projects that need innovative solutions.  Don’t condemn them for ways their brain doesn’t work, but instead utilize their brains to your full advantage so that you can be one step ahead of the competition.  So that if you can’t join them, you can beat them.

How do you use your ADHD brain to it’s full advantage?  Please share stories and insights!

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Inside the Mind of the ADHDer; A Solution for Gay Marriage

Kathryn Goetzke

I own a company called the Mood-factory (, a company that creates products based on how sensory experiences effect moods. I also run a nonprofit for depressio, iFred (, we are working to change the brand of depression. And yes, I have ADHD, along with PTSD, major depressive disorder, and a host of other challenges, opportunities, and gifts.

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