DSCN11618I’ve always wanted to participate in a study of the mind, but unfortunately I have so many intertwining ‘issues’ that I have not qualified for any.  However, I know the importance of participation for learning about the disease, and think people willing to add to that body of research, both the researchers and the participants, are true heroes.  It is through continual observation and learning that we will find better ways to cope with and treat ADHD.

Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D., MFT, is currently doing ADHD research in California and asked if I might be able to spread the word.  I wanted to do that, encourage other researchers to send studies for posting on the blog, and find out more about what people think about the research projects.  As an outsider, I can comment on what I see as the perceived pros / cons, but again have never participated in a study.


  • Financial rewards (often, not always)
  • Free Treatment
  • Complete Health Assessment
  • Expand knowledge of the brain


  • Time
  • May be in a control group (not getting treatment)
  • May have negative side effects from treatment

I’m not advocating to participate / not participate in any way, it is a personal choice.  But it is definitely something to explore and do if you feel comfortable.  To me, it is like donating blood – the life altering affects of participation for the world are priceless.  So thank you to all that make it possible.

Creative Commons License photo credit: subewl

Does anyone have actual experience either running research or participating in research projects?  We would love to hear from you!