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Seriously? Taking Out the Garbage with Delight? YES, Says SARK!

Oscar the Grouch graffitiI’m taking a class with SARK, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.  She insists that you can add joy and delight into everything you do in life.  EVERYTHING!

Her class seemed perfect for my ADHD, as it showed you how to get projects on track, take what she calls ‘micromovements’ towards completion of your goal, and score higher on total completion of dreams.  Plus, it was inexpensive and in this economy I am on a tight budget.

Let’s explore the concept that I at first found rather insane, but am now finding quite revolutionary.

If you are ADHD it is most likely you can come up with new ideas quite quickly and easily.  From one idea to the next, to the next, to the next.  Brilliant, you are; new ideas, new solutions, new projects… task after task after task.

My own training included the best project management classes with American Express and an MBA, an education full of theory, logic and order.  I pride myself when working at full steam; able to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.  But with joy and delight?  I can’t say I remember this being taught along the way.

The theory is that we procrastinate because we end up with lists and lists of stuff – but none of it is joyful.  And yet that is what we are here in life to do, experience delight.  So if we find ways to make tasks delightful, we will get more done, especially the mundane that we avoid because we dread it.

Research also shows that once we start something, 60% of the time we continue further.  So find a way to start something joyfully and make micromovements towards completion (because you are more likely to finish it that way).

It sounded rational, but it seems impossible to make everything joyful!

Let’s look at a few examples of dreams and tasks, and how to replace those tasks with micromovements:

Dream:  Plant a magic garden

Usual task:  Go to the store and get fertilizer

Micromovement Replacement:  Go on a fertilizer adventure!

Dream:  Do chores on time

Task:  Take out the Garbage

Micromovement #1:  Put on your favorite smelling scent, your favorite song, a magical costume, and superperson your way through the house collecting things you no longer need to feed the monster in the can outside.

OK – I know, it is a bit cheesy.  I was really skeptical, because I tend to be more of a task master, and it takes time to infuse joy.  Lots of time and positive energy.  But if you practice this inch by inch, you will notice a change in your attitude, even if only slightly.

What are we on this earth for if not for enjoying ourselves and making life fun?  Have we become so wrapped up in quantity that we forget quality?  Is it all about the triumphant destination or the magical journey?

If nothing else, I hope this makes you look at your day and the steps to complete it and whether you are miserable or excited.  And possibly generate a chuckle at how rigid we have all become in our ways of doing things.  It made me laugh quite hysterically at myself.

And may it possibly add a moment or two of new delight for you.  Sending you all love!


ps.  Can you share any extreme ways you have made something boring into a delightful journey and adventure?

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Seriously? Taking Out the Garbage with Delight? YES, Says SARK!

Kathryn Goetzke

I own a company called the Mood-factory (, a company that creates products based on how sensory experiences effect moods. I also run a nonprofit for depressio, iFred (, we are working to change the brand of depression. And yes, I have ADHD, along with PTSD, major depressive disorder, and a host of other challenges, opportunities, and gifts.

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