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Here’s the Deal: You’re Famous

I couldn't wait to read Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me, Howie Mandel's recently published memoir. Finally, it arrived in the local library, where I'd put it on hold. The first thing I noticed was the cover: it looks like Howie's standing inside a giant white currant. Gardeners like me will like this.

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H is for Hyperactivity

I’m a woman who is off the scale when it comes to the H -- hyperactivity -- component of ADHD. This, apparently, makes me something of an anomaly. According to the experts, approximately 90 percent of women with ADHD are not blessed with the H component, but rather fall into the inattentive, or some other sub-type, according to an interview I did with ADD coach Pete Quily in July 2008.

Then there’s me.


H is for Hockey

The NHL trading deadline was March 3 at 3:00 p.m.  No one’s allowed to trade now until the Stanley Cup is triumphantly hoisted aloft by the winners of that most sacred of cup (most sacred except, perhaps, for the Holy Grail and Dolly Parton’s bra, but still, pretty coveted as far as sacred cups go…).

ADHD (General)

Class Clown: Why are ADHDers So Damn Funny?

My ADHD might not be funny, but, darn it, I am. And let’s face it, as far as coping mechanisms go, humor’s a pretty good one. It’s kept me alive at times when life was no laughing matter.
And I'm in good company. Make that – great company. It's no secret that among stand-up comedians, there’s a huge contingent of ADHDers.

Welcome to ADHD from A to Zoë

I'm pleased to introduce Zoë Kessler, who will be blogging about the world of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD) from her own unique and interesting perspective.

This blog will explore ADHD from the unique perspective of a woman who experiences the H — hyperactivity...