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ADHD: Criminal Minds

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Yesterday, I stumbled on a blog post called Treatment of ADHD reduces criminality, by Dr. Timothy Bilkey.

Recently, I tried to tackle the topic (from a slightly different angle) in Binders Full of ADHDers, Part II.

Bilkey deftly handles a complex subject; but when I read his conclusion, I shuddered. My concern is not with his writing (which is excellent), my concern is that to those already laboring under misconceptions and misgivings regarding ADHD medications, the conclusion might be misconstrued.

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ADHD: Criminal Minds

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  1. Thanks, I was already trying to find ways to avoid medication if diagnosed with adhd. A better life is still possible. There could be a great beginning at any age!

    I watched the little boy next door go from a monster (that I could relate to) to a co-operative 8 year old. I have an excellent relationship with this child. He doesn’t seem to like my husband.

    The teachers started calling the young Mom from kindergarten to get the 8 year old tested for ADHD. Finally, the parents took him. He has been on medication. There is less yelling next door since the boy has been on drug therapy. He came to sit in my garage on a sunny afternoon while I was decluttering. He took some books home.

    It is like he is another child all together post meds.

    I watched the 8 year old’s Dad grow up and get in trouble all the time….His wife, the Mom, was pregnant by 17 and now they have three little boys.

    The five of them are always short for money. Thankfully they live in his parents’ home.

    The Dad has been smoking weed daily for several years. I’ve known him since he was 3. He is now 26. He loves beer with the weed.

    We have talk many times. The Mom seems to think that she ‘had’ ADHD and has gotten over it. Her parents were not ‘real’ parents. So sad. She is very grateful to have her inlaws. The inlaws complain to me about how messy she is. I am compelled of course to assist her but the mess here is an ongoing process because I am also a clean freak and can’t take a mess.

    Both Mom and Dad have functioned far beneath their potential. Theirs is very colourful and ongoing ADHD story.

    If the 8 year old is prevented from smoking weed and drinking beer daily with a pill for ADHD, and he might do well in school unlike his Dad, then I think it’s best he take the pill.

    • Thanks for the fascinating account, Jane49.
      I think your story illustrates how much proper treatment can help turn lives around and help us live to our fullest potential.

      Have a great weekend, and thanks again for sharing.


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