4 thoughts on “Happy ADHD Awareness Month

  • October 2, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Hello Zoë!

    Happy ADHD awareness month to you as well!
    I wanted to mention Tuesday night was an overwhelming
    ADD night for me. I was feeling down about work,
    and thinking about all that I didn’t get done on the weekend,
    thinking about my bike ride I did get done, but I want to ride more,
    About all the things I’d love to do this week but
    Know I can’t fit it in…my husband even said “WOW it must be hard when you NEVER stop thinking. You need to turn it off a bit.” LOL I then had a little meltdown that
    I turned around by listening to the comedy channel on I❤️Radio
    while I did the dishes.
    Yup! It was the eve before this special month and
    what a great time to have a nice reminder it’s
    time to check in and practice some of those skills and
    Tricks to fine tune my ADHD I learned a while back.
    We can do this! Thanks for all your work Zoë

    • October 2, 2014 at 7:13 am

      Thanks, KLL23!

      How great that your husband could remind you about the constant thinking… I think I’ve been able to remind myself consciously of that about twice in my life. And especially congratulations on finding a way to successfully turn things around; comedy is a great way to do that…good call! AND you got the dishes done! Win Win Win!

      All the best for the rest of the month. At least we know we’re not alone, eh?

      It was great to hear from you again.
      Take care!

  • October 11, 2014 at 4:47 am

    Sometimes I am just so tired about being so busy inside my head and body. But what can you do? It won’t go away just because you want it to. Sometimes all I can do is laugh about myself. “You’re being so ADHD-y today!” “You’re like a class book example of ADHD today. Let’s try again tomorrow!” And it helps. It makes me think of all the funny memories I have which I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t had ADHD, if you know what I mean… And sometimes I just think “Get over it” when I’m being all self-centered and stuff. And that helps too. (Oh and you made me laugh out loud with the part about all the hobbies. I have like thousands and are always making plans. But starting with a plan is a whole different story. Let alone finish 😉 But isn’t that a accomplishment in itself?;) there should be an award for that. :))


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