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7 Keys to ADHD Awareness

Warning: ADHD Ahead!Most of us (thank goodness) aren’t plagued by ADHD in every area of our lives. For example, I’ve heard from women who are successfully managing a law career, but fall apart when it comes to managing their home life.

Some have relationship success, but struggle when it comes to meeting deadlines, getting organized, and arriving at work on time.

Who says you can’t have it all?

Me? I consider myself a “generalist.” That is, by the time I was diagnosed, I’d pretty much covered all the bases: my relationships sucked; I’d been fired from more than one job; my financial life was in ruins; and my adoptive family thought I was weird and unfathomable.

On the bright side, when it came to writing ADHD According to Zoë, I could speak with authority and insight about how ADHD manifests in each area of life. I’ve been there.

That’s why I decided to share some strategies this month in two webinars. In the first, I offer suggestions about how to tackle ADHD in seven key areas, going right back to the diagnosis itself. Being diagnosed as an adult is a big deal. Our whole world turns upside down, and the first challenge is to integrate our new knowledge of ADHD into our self-understanding.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can watch the replay video here:


I ended with a challenge for the webinar attendees to pick one or two strategies from a handout and take them for a test-drive until we meet again on October 26 for our follow-up session, ADHD Awareness Month: Strategies That Work. (If you’d like to join us, there’s still time to register:  ADHD Awareness Month: Strategies That Work).

If you’d like to check out the exercises and strategies in the handout, you can download them here:

ADHD Awareness: 7 Keys to Unlocking Your ADHD Potential – Handout pdf

The assignments aren’t hard! They’re designed to help you triage what area of your life you’d like to work on, and to help you reach your goals. Just pick one or two, and give ‘em a whirl.

Practice might not make perfect – but it definitely can make our lives better.

What I’m aware of this month

For me, I’m aware that over the past few weeks it’s been important for me to say “no.” Not an easy thing for an easily overwhelmed person who’s all too quick to impulsively say “yes” whenever she’s asked to take an extra shift at work, to go out when she’s feeling under the weather or exhausted, or any number of things that add to an already over-crowded day timer.

It still takes a conscious effort, and sometimes I say a qualified “yes” then cancel later, knowing that I should have said “no” in the first place, but it’s become much easier over the years since my diagnosis. But the first step was gaining awareness of how those of us with ADHD become overwhelmed.

I’ve learned to save myself from the guilt I felt for decades.

I’ve learned to save myself from the guilt I felt for decades (before my ADHD diagnosis) when I’d have to back out of plans, or arrived late because I was trying to squeeze too much into my day, or when (even worse) I double-booked or even forgot an event.

Join us!

So – what are you doing during ADHD Awareness Month to raise your awareness about ADHD, and especially about YOUR ADHD?

I’d like to encourage you to take the time, pick an activity (even if it’s just consciously saying “no” when you otherwise might have ill-advisedly said “yes”) raise your ADHD awareness, and come back and share with us Monday night.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Good luck!

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7 Keys to ADHD Awareness

Zoë Kessler, BA, B.Ed.

Zoë Kessler is an award-winning author, journalist, and speaker specializing in women and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD / ADD).

A frequent contributor to ADDitude Magazine, Kessler has also created video, standup comedy, and guest blogs on ADHD and Marriage covering ADHD-related topics.

Zoë, an internationally recognized ADHD expert, has been interviewed on radio and featured in magazine articles, documentaries, and books on the topic of women and ADHD across North America.

Her newly-released memoir ADHD According to Zoë - The Real Deal on relationships, Finding Your Focus & Finding Your Keys (New Harbinger Publications, 2013) about life with ADHD is now available.

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