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New Year’s Resolutions? Forget ‘Em

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The calendar days are dwindling down. Winter Solstice will soon be upon us and once more, the light will return.

Still, I procrastinate.

All year I’ve told myself, Tomorrow, I’ll go swimming. With the New Year fast approaching, I’m starting to panic. What if this year closes, and I haven’t started on my goal?

Why not make it a New Year’s resolution? I thought, seduced by the age-old tradition of setting our sights on a fresh start in the New Year.

My brief flirtation with waiting until the New Year was quickly dashed as I remembered the many times when, along with hordes of hopefuls, I embarked on New Year’s resolutions only to end up in failure.

Then it hit me: why repeat the same mistake?

I’ve found a new resolution: to hell with resolutions.

As the New Year approaches, I’ve found a new resolution: to hell with resolutions.

I’ve found the perfect way to overcome procrastination, achieve my goal, and avoid kicking off the new year with a soon-to-be-failed resolution. I’ve resolved not to wait until the New Year to get started.

I went swimming.

Fear-of-resolution-failure, I’ve discovered, works much like another great ADHD goal-achiever: the procrastination-pummeling, adrenaline-inducing, fast-approaching deadline.

Instead of once again joining the hordes of fitness-club joiners who’d undoubtedly be splashing around poolside come January, I started now, in December. If I get a head start now (I’m thinking), I can have a routine set up by the time New Year’s eve rolls around.

Besides not setting myself up to break a resolution, there are other benefits to starting my exercise regime early.

I’m already combating seasonal chocolate-cookie-candy-boozy-turkey-holiday-induced bloat.

I’m employing a sure-fire ADHD treatment with mood-smoothing properties; impulse-suppression powers; and task-focusing abilities.

I’ve taken the plunge (literally) early this year. I will not be making any New Year’s resolutions. Nor, I’m even happier to say, will I therefore be breaking any.

So here’s my challenge to you: why not make (or start to make) that change you’ve wanted to make now, instead of in the New Year?

Imagine how great it will feel when New Year’s rolls around and you’re celebrating two weeks of success rather than setting yourself up for resolution failure?

Our best successes come from doing it our way. The ADHD way. So buck the trend: do it now.


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New Year’s Resolutions? Forget ‘Em

Zoë Kessler, BA, B.Ed.

Zoë Kessler is an award-winning author, journalist, and speaker specializing in women and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD / ADD).

A frequent contributor to ADDitude Magazine, Kessler has also created video, standup comedy, and guest blogs on ADHD and Marriage covering ADHD-related topics.

Zoë, an internationally recognized ADHD expert, has been interviewed on radio and featured in magazine articles, documentaries, and books on the topic of women and ADHD across North America.

Her newly-released memoir ADHD According to Zoë - The Real Deal on relationships, Finding Your Focus & Finding Your Keys (New Harbinger Publications, 2013) about life with ADHD is now available.

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