Lisa Aro and husband Mark

Lisa Aro and husband Mark

I’m happy to report that our Mother’s Day with ADHD: How to Keep It Happy! webinar went off (almost) without a hitch.

On a personal note, I was terrified before we started. I’d planned to create a visual presentation but only had 3 hours to create it – right before the webinar!

With minimal time, I decided I’d keep it simple, and let the content be the focus of our session. I knew my special guest had great content, having read her excellent blog, Queen of the Distracted, and having had a preliminary phone call to plan what we’d cover in our webinar.

But – what I didn’t count on was for three friends to drop in – all at the same time – and all needing my attention just before the webinar!

Still, even though I started as a nervous wreck, I’d practiced with the webinar software, and worked out some of the technical glitches. It helped that Lisa was her usual warm-hearted self and once we got into it, things flowed well.

On a final note about the technology (which I admit overwhelms and boggles my ADHD mind), everything went smoothly except when I decided to move to a different slide in the visuals and got lost, randomly skipping around while Lisa was talking. I admit I found it a hilarious metaphor for the ADHD child who constantly interrupts while someone else is talking, still, not very professional, and the only glitch marring the generally smooth flow.

Lord knows, I’ve had far more disastrous results when hosting my first one or two webinars. Here’s the doozy if you feel like a laugh:

7 Steps to Choosing Less Stress

So, all in all, I think I might be getting the hang of it. (Even though I still feel a bit like the pilot of a commercial jet who’s trying to fly through a major storm while her three-year-old is tugging at her sleeve, begging for attention, and the dog is barfing his breakfast up in the livingroom while the 9-year-old is burning toast in the kitchen and smoke is billowing into the cockpit while the fire alarm starts.

It’s a bit like that. Still… content is king, right?

And we do have some great content. Check it out for yourself. The video is below!

Our participants had some terrific questions, and everyone had their questions answered as we went along.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, my special guest Lisa Aro shared some wonderful tips on how to parent children with ADHD, while keeping sane and keeping a smile on your face.

Aro impeccably describes how her family has learned to communicate, and to appreciate each other.

In our webinar, we share:

– parenting tips for when your child is having a meltdown

– how to decide what’s important and what to let go

– how a parent with ADHD can act as an interpreter for the non-ADHD parent

– how to advocate for your child in school and in social situations

– how to teach your child to be her or his own advocate

– how to deal with name-calling and shaming from other children

…and lots more!

We also shared some of our favorite resources, including books, websites, support groups, and blogs that provide excellent information about all things ADHD and parenting so that if you’re left with questions, you have go-to resources to dig deeper into specific topics.

It’s impossible to cover everything in one hour (even when you talk as fast as I do!), but I’m happy with how much ground we covered, and the wonderful questions and lively participation from the attendees.

So, without further adieu, here is our Psych Central webinar, Mother’s Day with ADHD: How to Keep It Happy!



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