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It appears that my little rant on spanking has struck a mighty chord.

In addition to readers and comments here at my blog, I’ve received a lot of input on my Facebook page and elsewhere from those weighing in on the weighty topic of how the heck do we deal with our ADHD kids?

It’s distressing to see that some of you (and I suspect many more whom I haven’t  heard from) are suffering and agonizing over what the right way to discipline your ADHD children.

The blog comment that tipped the scale was (excerpted here):

“…how in the world do you get an ADHD kid to learn the social skills required to get along in life before their parent finally finally [sic] loses it and spanks them..” [read molbiomom’s full Comment here]

How indeed?

What is the best approach for them and, I wonder, for you (not to mention the rest of your family)?

Children do not grow in isolation. The family “unit” is just that – a team. Everyone plays their part, and it’s so difficult to see the dynamics when you’re in it.

I’ve often said those of us without kids are of course the perfect parent. In my mind, I have all the answers. It’s easy to raise kids in theory. But in practice? As we all know, that’s a completely different story.

With this in mind, I decided that I owe it to you to seek out some concrete answers and advice from those who are in the know.

Introducing the Queen of the Distracted

Shortly after I began using Twitter, I met an amazing woman who declared herself to be “The Queen of the Distracted.” Intrigued, I decided to check her out. Since then, we’ve become resources for one another as we travel down this crooked ADHD road.

As it turns out, Her Royal Highness is actually Lisa Aro, and woman who is anything but hoity-toity in her attitudes. It was Lisa’s down-to-earth approach to parenting her brood – including 7 children, 6 of whom are blessed with “the Gift,” along with navigating her relationship with her creative and talented ADHD husband, that won me over.

The family’s most recent project includes a video series called The Mighty Kubar. This team effort is indicative of the kinds strategies they use to bring out the most in their ADHD kids; to bond together; to give the creative types an outlet; and to have fun together.

Maybe all the world’s not a stage

I’m not suggesting that if only every family with ADHD mounted a stageplay, became The ADHD Partridge Family, or shot a 19-episode mini-series, all would be well. Of course not. But it turns out that Aro and her husband have used a solid foundation of parenting skills that anyone could use to keep their ADHD family happy and on track.

Lisa will offer concrete tips and resources, and together we’ll explore the tricks and traps of raising a child with ADHD in our upcoming webinar, Mother’s Day with ADHD: How to Keep It Happy!

As a now-grown-up kid with ADHD, I’m looking forward to sharing my own experiences growing up with ADHD in a time when very little was known about it, and how the impact of some of my earliest experiences have been the most difficult to unravel since my ADHD diagnosis.

I’m looking forward to sharing Lisa’s insights, wisdom, and depth of knowledge with you. We’ll also be giving you an opportunity to ask questions during our free, one-hour webinar on Tuesday, May 7 @ 7 p.m. (EST) – just in time for Mother’s Day!

We’ll leave you with resources and supports to check out after the webinar, so you’ll have even more help and ideas. So don’t sit and stew alone. You are not alone!

By Royal Decree

Whether you’re a mom or a dad in an ADHD family, I hereby invite you to do yourself a favor and join me for what will be an educational, informal, and fun conversation with this sparkling personality. See why Lisa’s earned her tongue-in-cheek title, Queen of the Distracted by joining us on Tuesday, May 7, at 7:00 p.m. (EST).

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