A Love Letter to ADHD TreatmentDear ADHD Treatment:

I’m so glad I met you.

Before we met, I was completely lost.

I admit it: there were many others before you. In my 20s, I flirted with alcohol. I came to realize this wasn’t a healthy relationship. I tried smoking, but I knew that that relationship would eventually kill me.

Our relationship is different; I’m happier. I’m healthier. And I’m still getting to know you. There is so much more to learn! But one thing’s for sure: I believe you and I can grow together. And I know we’re together for life. This may sound overly dramatic, but I can’t live – really live – without you.

Our relationship has taught me so much. It’s taught me to accept myself as I am, and at the same time, you’ve shown me how I can be the best me ever.

There are lots of great things about you, ADHD treatment. You get me to do yoga; we meditate; you encourage me to get more exercise.

But nothing’s perfect, right?

I have another confession: sometimes I find our relationship restricting. Sometimes I even want to run away and forget that I ever met you. Please forgive me. I know relationships are hard work, and this one is the hardest work ever – but I know it’s worth it.

I still feel like a kid inside and scared at times that I won’t be able to keep up my end of the relationship. I worry that I can’t keep my commitments to you; but I know this is a hangover from failed relationships in the past. I know that together, we can adapt and change, and make this work.

I don’t miss the wild and crazy days before we met

I don’t miss the melodramas, the arguments, the hurt feelings after fights with friends, the break-ups, the heart-aches, the tumultuous work life, the constant moves from apartment to apartment, from town to town.

And I sure don’t miss the sense that somehow I wasn’t as good as other people because I could never seem to do what they could do. You make me feel – not like I fit in exactly, but like there’s somewhere I fit.

In fact, you’ve introduced me to a whole new world of wonderful people, to a circle of fascinating, supportive, encouraging, like-minded (and even not-so-like-minded but still sincere and interesting) colleagues and friends! Because of you, I no longer feel alone, isolated, and confused.

I have no idea where we’re going, how far you and I can take this relationship, but I’m looking forward to the journey. So far, it’s been a wonderful ride.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ADHD Treatment!


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