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Archives for January, 2013

ADHD (General)

ADHD Brainfreeze

It was 3:00 The phone rang. From the sound of the ring, I knew it was a long distance call.

Chances were 50/50 whether it would be a frivolous telemarketer, or something important.

Ok, that’s probably wishful thinking. Chances were around 99% it would be a telemarketer, but as usual, I clung to the hope that it was the Ellen DeGeneres Show inviting me to talk about women and ADHD. (Hey, dream...
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ADHD (General)

Getting Unstuck: 7 Tips for Moving Forward with ADHD, Part II

An ADHD Reflection / Reflecting on ADHD

Yesterday we talked about a few strategies for getting unstuck in your ADHD treatment.

Today I’ll talk about another roadblock that keeps us from moving forward: our new-found fabulousness!

No, really. It happens. One day, you wake up, you look in the mirror and you mutter, Where is that clumsy, blurtacious, chronically late, kinda kooky ADHDer who couldn't...
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ADHD (General)

An ADHD Fan Face-Off

An ADHD Fan Face-off

I was delighted when a friend showed up at my door with two tickets to our local Ontario Hockey League (OHL) hockey game for Saturday night. In spite of the NHL spat, I could get my hockey fix. And not just on , but a LIVE hockey fix. Even better.

This wasn't going to be just any game: our local...
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ADHD (General)

Social Media’s Hidden ADHD Challenge

Gaining ADHD social skills while socializing at the pub instead of social media

A friend’s recent abdication from a popular social media site and his careful reasoning behind it gave me pause. Not for the first time, I considered my own participation in social media.

In the past, I'd often bemoaned the fact that younger generations are missing out on what...
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