2012 in Review: Top 10 ADHD from A to Zoë Posts

Zoë Kessler, Photo ©Michael McLuhan, 2012

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to thank those of you who have taken the time to make ADHD from A to Zoë a part of your 2012. I’m especially grateful to those who’ve shared their comments and stories, collectively making this blog is so much richer and meaningful for me and many others.

This year was an especially challenging one for many of us. For me, there were both personal and professional challenges, but the year ended on a high note as I completed my upcoming memoir for New Harbinger Publications, which I look forward to sharing with you next fall.

As I compiled this year’s ADHD from A to Zoë Top 10 post review, I kept in mind that Psych Central will be hosting its first annual conference this coming June. As I prepare my workshops and presentations, I’ll keep in mind the topics that are top of mind for you. I hope to see you at the conference; it would be wonderful to meet, learn, and share in person!

As you read or re-visit the posts below, I hope you’ll laugh, feel inspired, feel support and feel that you are not alone. You’re not; you are always welcome here at ADHD from A to Zoë.

Without further adieu, here are at the Top 10 ADHD from A to Zoë posts for 2012, plus a special bonus of an additional Top Three People’s Choice posts.

1 .  6 Ways Renovating Renovates ADHD

2 .  ADHD Diagnosis: Prison or Freedom Pass?

3 .  ADHD and Social Awkwardness (Rustlin’ Up Some Social Skills)

4 .  The Ultimate ADHD Disability

5.   Sometimes, I Wish I’d Taken the Blue Pill

6.   8 Ways to ADHD-Proof Your Home

7 .  4 Reasons to Be Happy You’re Hypersensitive

8 .  ADHD Women: Her Fast Mind

9 .  ADHD Awareness Week: People With ADHD Actually Can Die of Boredom

10 .  An ADHD Learning Curve

BONUS: Top 3 People’s Choice Posts

1.   7 Steps to Choosing Less Stress

2 .  Undiagnosed ADHD Can Make You Angry!

3 .  ADHD Form-O-Phobia


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