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Archives for November, 2012

ADHD (General)

ADHD: Criminal Minds

photo credit: Kitsadakron

Yesterday, I stumbled on a blog post called Treatment of ADHD reduces criminality, by Dr. Timothy Bilkey.

Recently, I tried to tackle the topic (from a slightly different angle) in Binders Full of ADHDers, Part II.

Bilkey deftly handles a complex subject; but when I read...
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ADHD (General)

Binders Full of ADHDers, Part III

Caught up in the recent election, I pondered the impact of Obama’s electoral win on those of us with ADHD. I introduced my discussion in Binders Full of ADHDers, Part I, and discussed the relative merits of spending on tougher crime measurements versus preventative social policies in Binders Full of ADHDers, Part II.

Today, in Part III, I'll look at ADHD and education. While I don’t have...
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ADHD (General)

A Hyperfocus Balance Sheet: Is Hyperfocus Worth It?

I just finished a huge project I started four years ago.

I had to hyperfocus for the home stretch, and now that it’s over, I’m wondering: was it worth it?

First, what is ADHD hyperfocus, anyway?
"Hyperfocus is when you pay so much attention to one thing you ignore everything else around you. Many adults with ADHD find hyperfocus helps at work, making it easier to complete tasks."...
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ADHD (General)

ADHD Pick-Me-Ups: 10 Quick Tips and Tricks

Zoë Kessler, Fighting ADHD Blahs in the Morning

We all know that ADHD encompasses much more than the (un)holy trinity of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

These core challenges give birth to many lesser ADHD angels (or more accurately, demons) that plague us. These include dysthymia, low self-esteem, executive functioning problems, lack of self-confidence, exhaustion, lousy relationship skills, and so on.

If you’re suffering from generalized malaise; if...
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ADHD (General)

Binders Full of ADHDers, Part I

Binders full of ADHDers

I don't want to get all political on you, but here's the thing: like it or not, politics and mental health are inexorably linked.

With the conclusion of the US Presidential election, many of us throughout this great continent (and elsewhere; I believe I've picked up swoons of relief from my home planet) have heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Let's hope this feeling is rewarded.

One thing...
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ADHD (General)

Zoë’s End-of-the-Week ADHD Checklist

Saturday is the day I wake up either wondering where I've been for the previous five days, or feeling great because I’ve accomplished what I’d hoped to and can cut myself some slack.

Today I realized that it’s probably not a good system to just go by my feelings on Saturday morning (especially if I was out the night before).

I needed a way to find out where I’ve gone astray, and...
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ADHD (General)

Attack of the ADHD Zombies

What to wear when fending off ADHD Zombie Attackers?

Deciding to dress up in a cloak, play Gregorian chants loudly to scare the kids, and put the good candies at the bottom of the bowl in case there were leftovers was easy.

What hasn't been so easy is deciding what costume to wear when managing real-life Zombie attacks.

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