Original design ©Zoë Kessler, 2010

Original design ©Zoë Kessler, 2010

Hey Canada! Did you know we’ve got an exciting opportunity coming up to meet with some of ADHD’s best-known leaders, researchers and pioneers?

The Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) hosts its 4th Annual ADHD Conference from Oct. 11 – 14, 2012. The conference features Canadian experts and, if they don’t get held up too long at the border (or get lost trying to find their way here), some well-known names from our southern ADHD neighbors.

Especially for the ADHD from A to Zoë audience

The last two days of this four-day conference will be of special interest to my blog readers. Saturday, October 13, will be devoted to topics on girls and women with ADHD; and Sunday, October 14, features presentations especially for adults with ADHD.

Saturday, October 13 – Girls & women with ADHD

Many of you are familiar with the work of Dr. Kathleen Nadeau; if you’re not, you should be. Nadeau, along with Dr. Patricia Quinn, are true trail-blazers and champions of women with ADHD. Together, they wrote the ground-breaking books Understanding Girls with ADD, and Understanding Women with ADD.

I’m thrilled that Dr. Lance Levy will also be presenting on Saturday. Dr. Levy is a paediatrician who has contributed to research which has provided evidence for what we now recognize as the link between ADHD and severe obesity (his work is cited in my article, Severe Obesity and Adult ADHD: Connection and Cure).

Interestingly, it was a male blog reader who first alerted me to the connection between obesity and ADHD; I’d highly recommend that anyone suffering from both should check out Levy’s workshop.

Finally, many will recognize the name Terry Matlen. Among many other accolades, Matlen is a nationally recognized speaker on ADHD, an ADHD coach, and author of Survival Tips for Women with ADHD.

Sunday, October 14 – Adults and ADHD

I’m especially stoked that Toronto will be welcoming Melissa Orlov, author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage. Orlov co-hosts a popular website (www.adhdmarriage.com) designed specifically for ADHD mixed marriages (ADHD and non-ADHD partners) along with renowned expert Dr. Edward Hallowell (co-author of the ADHD classic, Driven to Distraction).

You might also recognize Orlov’s name from my interviews with her here at ADHD from A to Zoë, or as my special guest during a couple of webinars hosted by Psych Central this year.

Since statistics show that adults with ADHD are almost twice as likely to be divorced, you’ll want to soak up Orlov’s excellent insights, tips and advice. As far as I’m concerned, she’s one of the best relationship experts we’ve got and, as more importantly, she delivers her message with insight, hope, and with equal respect for each partner.

Nadeau presents again on Sunday, this time with a workshop on ADHD in the workplace. This one is crucial, as it affects so many of us with ADHD. Nadeau will help young adults find an ADHD-friendly career path, and will address mid-career adults with their ADHD work struggles. She’ll also talk about mid-career changes – a topic that speaks to many of us, although I won’t name names; I think you know who you are!

Finally, Dr. David Teplin, a Canadian adult clinical psychologist specializing in adult ADHD, depressive disorders, and substance use disorders among others, tackles the tough topic of ADHD and addictions. And Lord knows, we’ve got ‘em: alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, overspending, food, tobacco, internet, you name it, we’ve done it…  and our ADHD neurobiology plays a large role in our getting hooked. Teplin will explain how this happens, and hopefully provide info on how to get unhooked and into health.

So there you have it…

That’s just a brief overview of two out of four days packed with experts, information, and help, up close and personal.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to meet some of the finest minds in the field, or better, to meet them at the conference hall itself (which, by the way, is at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Markham, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, Canada).

For more information, please check out CADDAC’s website:  CADDAC’s 4th Annual ADHD Conference


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