ADHD and parentingSchool’s back in session. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the kids with ADHD and the challenges they’ll have: transitions, focusing, anger management, being labelled as “weird,” oh, the list goes on…

What can I do to help?

I’ve been wracking my adult ADHD brains to find the best advice to give parents. A comment from a blog reader gave me an idea: a parenting post roundup!

Karen, the mom who commented in response to my recent post, The Ultimate ADHD Disability (about an ADHDer’s strange relationship with time), gave me the inspiration, so let’s start with that:

Thank you so much for helping me understand my son’s chronic issue with time! You’ve just added years to my life by lowering my blood pressure every school morning now that I realize he’s really NOT aggravating me on purpose. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! ~ Karen, blog post reader and mom

I wanted to offer more helpful tips, so for all you parents of ADHD kids (and who may have ADHD yourself), here’s a reference list of blog posts, video, and other bloggers you might find helpful as your little Fidgety Phil or Fidgety Phyllis heads off to school.

Please feel free to write in with any tips you might have for others.

The posts listed below tackle common ADHD issues like transitions and anger; speak to what might be helpful to ADHD kids; and outlines the kind of parenting that would have been helpful to me when I was a hyperactive  child.

DISCLAIMER: As an adult, I try to inject humor into my posts whenever possible. I didn’t really do some of the stuff I reference in the Girl Guides post. Honest. (She says, regressed into childhood just thinking about a mom reading that post). Organizations like Guiding and Scouting can offer some great things to ADHD kids: structure, self-esteem, money management, skills development, leadership and self-confidence, to name a few. And yes, the fire-starting is pretty cool too!

ADHD from A to Zoë Blog Posts

Undiagnosed ADHD Can Make You Angry!
8 Gifts for ADHD Kids
Girl Guides – ADHD Style!
I’m Your Dog: An ADHD Parenting Guide
Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes: Transition Trouble and ADHD
ADHD Transition Triumph

For inspiration:

I Love Me, Ya, Ya, Ya… Self-Love for ADHDers
Sometimes, It’s OK to Stand Out

Short Video:

Diagnosing ADHD in Girls

Other Blogs to check out:

Queen of the Distracted

Moms with ADD/ADHD

My Picture-Perfect Family

Life with ADHD


I hope you find something helpful in these samples. Let us know of any other resources you’d recommend.

Here’s to a fun and successful school year for all!


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