The End to ADHD Procrastination, by Zoë KesslerI’m sure, like me, you’ve had days where at the end of it all you asked yourself, “What the heck have I accomplished?” Or “Where did the time go?” (said while staring at the clock with five minutes to go in your work day and noticing the pile of work on your desk for the first time).

Sadly, these thoughts tend to be followed by pummelling self-incrimination, making matters worse. Good news! I’m working on a self-help book to help you redefine your relationship with one of the deadliest ADHD sins: procrastination.

I’d like to offer my ADHD from A to Zoë readers an exclusive sneak-preview of my upcoming bestseller-in-progress (that’s motivational phraseology; a little something us self-help book-writers like to use).

A flash of inspiration (or a hot flash; I can’t remember which)

The inspiration for my book started with the recognition that, like most of us with ADHD, I’m fantastic at starting things, but not so good at finishing them.

As I contemplated my propensity for procrastination, a flash of genius struck me. Today, I thought, I’m going to say “THE END” at the end of everything I do. I’ll wake up in the morning and say The End. I’m finished sleeping. I’ve already accomplished ONE THING and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.

Let’s try another example.

After awakening (i.e. finishing sleep) I’ll go to the bathroom and take a pee. While flushing, I’ll say, The End. I’ll just keep saying this after everything I finish. Brushing my teeth, finishing my cup of coffee, that’s – what? – FOUR THINGS completed before I even go out the door.

It’s all about focus. You know, that’s when you… aw, never mind, just keep reading…

I’m sure you too don’t realize how much you actually accomplish in a day. Like using the extraordinary power of Mindfulness, I’m going help you pay attention to how much you complete each and every day.

Unlike Mindfulness, you won’t need to learn meditation, develop any insight, or become more flexible than you already are. Just say, “The End” every time you finish something. That’s it!

At the end of the day when I lie down to sleep, the last thing I’ll say is (everybody):

The End.

…and I’ll instantly drift off to sleep.

The End-All of procrastination books

Obviously, this is such a great idea, I had to write a book about it. It won’t just be a motivational book, it’ll be the procrastinator’s bible.

It’s true, I’ve just started writing this book. And yes, that’s the easy part. Obviously.

But here’s the great news: I already have a title – “The End.”

Visualize my book on your shelf. See its hard-cover spine, perhaps in a dark burgundy with gold-leaf letters: The End.

See? You don’t even have to crack it open. Just tilt your head, read the title, and walk away. Imagine the surprise of your friends and family when you tell them that you’ve actually finished a book.

The End of the sneak preview

But I don’t want to give it all away in this sneak preview.

I’ve got the idea. I’ve got the title. Now, all I have to do is finish it.



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