Zoe Kessler in the ADHD Twitterverse - clueless but trying

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Woh! Twitter is messing with my head! I’m trying not to be intimidated by all the super-smart, super-cool people who are Following me. I feel like my fly is down.

I’m trying to be conscious of my lifelong (pre-ADHD diagnosis) pattern of striving for a goal, approaching it, then abandoning same – LOOK! A tree! – through distraction, fear of failure, boredom, whatever.

So now I’m watching my Twitter list grow and feeling those old familiar feelings of shyness, inferiority, and social ineptitude. I’m resisting the urge to go hide in the basement and take my Tweets with me.

So who’s freaking me out?

Yesterday morning, for example, the first of now two race car drivers (one female, one male) started following me (and they’ll probably be the first ones to catch up. Look! There they go in the passing lane, leaving me to bite their dust!).

It’s actually kind of spooky. Why? Because the only thing left on my list of things to do in this lifetime is Formula One racecar driving. How weird is that?

(Actually, not so weird. When I thanked her for the Follow, she confirmed that yes, racing is great for ADD brains!)

Under the brainiac microscope

And then there’s all the intimidating science geeks. I don’t even know what some of their professions mean. “Bioinformatician,” for example. Read that carefully:  Bio – Infor – MATICIAN – sounds a lot like a killer combo of biologist, IT geek, and Mathematician, right? That’s just scary. Psychiatrists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and a legion of ADHD coaches are expecting me to say something worth hearing. Or are they? Maybe they just want to know what I’m reading right now (ya think?)

Secret languages

The only second language I have is a smattering of French and NSL (normal-as-a-second-lanugage; which in my case, is a distant third).

Which makes comprehending Followers who speak Japanese, German, Spanish, or Dutch (and there are more than a dozen of these), pretty much impossible. AND ignites my inferiority complex because how cool are they, following someone in English when their mother tongue is so radically different?

Porn, spam, and other offensive n’er-do-wells

And then there’s the occasional random spammers who just want to sell you something. You know, the kind with Zero followers who are following Zero people yet who somehow manage to find you in the crowd and link you to some random product you have Zero interest in. Or worse, some porn site or spam page with the potential of taking down your hard drive with some heinous virus or worm or worse … (the imagination boggles).

There was one called, “Laquita Cookis” whose profile pic was pretty much a torso with huge, um, with a large lacy wonderbra and… well… what she didn’t have in Tweets she certainly made up for in T… never mind. Let’s just say I blocked her because I’m pretty sure we have nothing in common. Nuh – thing.

Making it up as I go along. Classic.

I often think it’s quite possible that, like so many other things in life, I have absolutely no clue as to what Twitter is really about. I’ve never announced what book I’m currently reading, declared my favorite band, or that I’m on my way to a manicure (ha ha…like that’s going to happen!).

In true ADHD style, I’ve jumped in with both feet, and tried to figure it out as I fall over the cliff. Sure, I want to be in the loop and stay on top of what’s happening in the ADHD world; I want to share what I’m working on and pass on what others are up to; but most of all, I want to put a smile on people’s faces, lighten their load, if even for a second or two.

I have to say though, of all this, my favorite Follower profile of all (so far) is the one that says:

“Chief Smiler & Possibilist”

Now, that ya gotta love!

See you on Twitter, everyone. (And yes, go ahead, Follow me! I can take it.)


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