Marilyn Strong, author, Getting Paid to Pay Attention - Why Your Business Suffers from A.D.D . and How to Fix It

Marilyn Strong

I asked Marilyn Strong to assess my progress with implementing her Action Plan based on her book Getting Paid to Pay Attention.  Here’s what she said:


I’m so proud of you. I believe you did an amazing job this week. Good for you! Give yourself a high 5!

No one (except you) expects to get everything right, in the right order, the very first time you do anything. How many times did you fall off your bike before you figured out how to balance? Right. Once you learned how to balance you never forget how to ride a bike!

It’s the same with the using any tool or technique. There’s a learning curve. My job is to help you get through the learning curve in a very short period of time, not the 20+ years it took me!!!!

When it’s quiet and you are relaxed it makes it so much easier to plan your day.

With all the distractions (taxes and the presentation) you still completed your Big Picture Plan for the day! That gave you the ‘big picture’ of what was going to happen. It’s amazing when we see the ‘big picture’ how much we really have time for!

I can see you were derailed by a couple of things so I’d like to suggest the following:

Each day, before you start into anything grab your Action Planner and go to page  13 – the lucky number! Fill out the form, STARTING at the TOP of the page! It will take you less than 15 minutes to do this.

When you’ve finished you should have a lot more energy and commitment to your activities for the day. The part about figuring out your distractions ahead of time and what to do about them and then rewards and prizes and celebrations along the route is what REALLY makes a difference in my life now!!!

Now, on the days where you know you won’t get enough rest, don’t worry. While you’re already up you might as well stay up another 15 minutes and fill out the Daily Action Plan for the NEXT day. That way brain fog doesn’t derail and distract you.

I’m sure many of us relate to procrastinating about filing our taxes or other ‘ugly’ paperwork we have to do. By using my system I figured out a way to get my taxes done without panicking. Besides putting everything in a shoe box (not really, but file folders sounds sooooooooo boring!) I create the absolutely most amazing, most terrific and most incredible reward for myself.

The trick is, I ONLY get that juicy reward IF I get all the taxes done on the day I start. Well, it can go over and through the midnight hour, but its still in one 24-hour period! There is no other way to earn that reward so the incentive and motivation to get it done is there.

Haven’t we all been guilty of overestimating our workload and underestimate our time needed? The first time you go to do something you may underestimate the time it takes. The next time though, you’ll remember.

I’d much rather over budget time and under budget work than the other way around. That’s why booking appointments with yourself to get certain things done in a shorter period of time works. (I always have a ‘stand by’ list of things to do if I finish ahead of time).

The last thing I’d like to say to you Zoe, is this: Be kind to yourself. Saying things like, “I can do this,” and “I can get back on track,” will take away that negative self-talk and start building a positive position. When you feel really down on yourself, look at Step 3 in Your  Daily Action Plan and  remember all those great things about you!!!!

Zoe, I’m so proud of you, baring your soul for all to see your vulnerabilities. You’ve done a great job so far. Keep going. Set yourself up for success every day. Give yourself a high 5!

You’re my hero!!!!




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