Happy 2012 from Zoë & Samantha (Photo: ©Jake Chegahno, 2011)

Happy 2012 from Zoë & Samantha (Photo: ©Jake Chegahno, 2011)

I’ve been enjoying the “Top 10” lists of my fellow bloggers, so I decided to take stock of what rocked ADHD from A to Zoë visitors in 2011.

Judging from the top 3 titles, we’re a touchy-feely bunch with a practical side, and we love to laugh. The top 3 spots are funny, pragmatic, and sexy, in that order.

The remainder of the list follows suit. We’re also philosophical and reflective (Posts #6 and #7). A pretty well-rounded bunch, if you ask me!

2011 Top 10 Posts – ADHD from A to Zoë

1. 10 Signs That You’re An HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

2. New ADHD Diagnostic Test – the Quotient ADHD System®

3. Natural-born Cougar: Sex and the ADHD Woman

4. Shiiiiiiiiiiiine-y Things: Making Decisions – ADHD Style!

5. The Top 10 Happiest Jobs – Not Just For ADHDers!

6. The Four Agreements for ADHDers

7. The Presence of ADHD at Christmas

8. ADHD and the Highly Sensitive Person

9. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Part II: Drugs

10. ADHD Diagnostic Quiz for Women*


11. ADHD Women as Role Models

A reminder to read the Comments!

Even if you’ve read these posts already, I’d like to invite you to re-visit them to check out the comments. I’m often surprised at the amazing insights that are offered even months after the post has been published; they’re well-worth the read!

Finally, thank you SO MUCH to all my readers, and a special thanks to those who offer their comments and reflections. Together, our lives are enriched; together, we grow.

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As always, please let me know if there’s an ADHD topic you’re interested in, or an ADHD expert you’d like me to interview.

All the best to everyone in 2012!

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