Reframe your ideas about Christmas! Don't worry, be happy!

Nellie says: "Don't worry; be happy!" Christmas 2005

That does it. I’m going to give a “Reframing Christmas” workshop!  I woke up this morning, December 25, forgetting it was Christmas for a few minutes. Soon after, I was dancing in my kitchen. Of course I’m mellow. Of course I’m sad about a dear relative’s recent passing, but I’m also happy and having a relaxed, gentle day. Is it Christmas? I keep forgetting.

I’m practicing staying in the moment. Here’s my moment:  I’m alive. I’m breathing. I have sweet, funny, kind, intelligent and wonderful brothers whom I love and can support through their (and our) loss. I have a dear sister who has two amazing kids I’ve had the privilege of watching grow up. I have dear friends who shower me with love and support and laughter; who challenge me and engage me intellectually all year long. Is it Christmas? Oh ya. I forgot.

I figure Christians already have a great reason to party. After all, it’s the biggest birthday party of the year! I wasn’t raised a Christian, but I have my own ideas about Jesus, who he was, and what he’s done for the world. I don’t need a special day to appreciate and celebrate his gifts to the world; I do that all year long. Today, the 25th of December, I’ve spent hours on the phone talking to loved ones, luxuriating in the day off. Christmas? Oh ya. I keep forgetting.

I got an e-mail today from a friend who was feeling curmudgeonly. Like many of my friends, she can’t wait for Christmas to be over. It got me thinking: it took me years to figure out how to keep sane and happy on this angst-ridden day. Maybe I really SHOULD offer “Reframing Christmas” seminars. It took me a while, but I figured out how not to buy into societal expectations around this holiday. It worked for me. Maybe it will work for you.

While this is not necessarily a critical part of the plan, I’ve been living on chocolates, brie, and shortbread for a week (ok, not solely; but a lot more than usual). I’m not listening to sappy Christmas love songs. I’m doing whatever I want. I just spent an hour slowly clearing off my desk in prep for writing the next 5 chapters of my book. I’m filing, listening to the radio. Christmas? Oh ya. Heading out to my friend’s house for an amazing turkey dinner and hopefully a game of pictionary soon. Christmas? Whaaaatever!

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