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Archives for November, 2011

ADHD (General)

Samantha’s Pet Peeve: My ADHD Mom

Hi everyone. It's me, Samantha. Mom started writing a blog post, then she forgot about it and went into the kitchen to make herself an omelet. She'd kill me if she knew I was doing this.

I'm kind of nervous, because this is my first post. Some of you know me already because mom's written about me a lot in the past (one of the dangers of...
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Waving the Mad Pride Flag, Part II

In Waving the Mad Pride Flag, Part I, I introduced the Mad Pride movement and spoke about the new movement afoot: the quest for a flag to represent the Toronto Mad Pride contingent.

It turns out that's not as easy a task as one might think. However, with the leadership of Saraƒin (a talented, intelligent artist and conscientious member of the tribe), I'm confident those involved will come...
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ADHD (General)

Waving the Mad Pride Flag, Part I

Mad pride?

I continue to be astounded at the creativity, intelligence and sheer tenacity of individuals who self-identify as “mad” or “crazy." (I’ve explored the word “crazy” and its reclamation in an earlier post.)

Witness the current dialogue around creating a Mad Pride flag. I recently became aware of this exchange, and of...
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ADHD (General)

Why I Like the Flu

I just figured out why I like being sick.

I admit, it's partly the dreamy, germ-induced haze I'm enveloped in. It's much quieter than when I'm healthy and thoughts are bombarding me like electrons in a quantum physics experiment.

I know, that sounds weird. But honestly, it's a complete relief not to have to live up my rigorous agenda or perfectionistic standards. I'm just too weak and...
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