Zoë Kessler, Chick ADD

Zoë Kessler, Chick ADD

How’s ADHD Awareness Week going for you?

So far, I’ve participated  in Terry Matlen’s Q and A on “Women with ADD” at her site Moms with ADD/ADHD and checked out Linda Roggli’s ADHD & Work teleseminar with guest speaker Wilma Fellman.

I’ve also been paying WAY more attention to my Twitter feed, just to find out what’s going on and what I might want to tune in to. I found Dr. Ned Hallowell’s podcast there and listened in.

What are YOU doing for ADHD Awareness Week?

So what have you been up to? I’m curious about how many of us are dipping into all the free goodies out there. I feel like I did before I went on meds (except this feels good): I’m buzzing with the energy flying through the air. It’s like something really exciting is going on and it takes very little to tap into the current. Very cool. You don’t have to have a budget for it, although there are conferences and events to attend if that’s a possibility for you.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of women are offering teleseminars this week. I’m wondering if I’ve found more of these because I’m a Chick ADD and that’s my specialty and therefore what I’m tapped into, or are the guys out there connecting and offering pearls of wisdom too? I guess that would be ties of wisdom, or something like that, but still the question remains: what does ADHD look like for the menfolk during our special week?

Are they in chat rooms talking about how to cope with their ADHD kids? Talking about their middle-aged hormones mixing it up with their ADHD symptoms? Discussing strategies to organize the house or get their non-ADHD family members to take them seriously? Commiserating over being misdiagnosed with depression when it was ADHD all along? Hmmm…

Do I really want to be more aware of my ADHD?

A great thing about the events I’ve attended so far is that I’m seeing a lot of ADHD newbies (the newly diagnosed.) That’s great, because this week the info will be flowing fast and furious. Time to soak it up, and try not to lose all those great book titles, URL’s, experts’ names, and other great resources you’ll want to refer to later when the dust settles. (No need to clear it, it’s enough for now just to let it settle, ok? We have more important things to do than housework at the moment, right?)

On the other hand, EVERY week is “ADHD Awareness Week” for me. Truth be told, I’d love a week OFF from my awareness of ADHD. Just so I can take a breather. As that’s not likely to happen anytime soon – like, say, in this lifetime – I’m planning to take advantage of as much new information as I can, and I’d invite you to do the same. But please protect yourself from getting overwhelmed, and take a little time out from your own ADHD awareness every now and then.

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