Grrr...when it's ok to rant...ADHD or not!

Grrr...when it's ok to rant...ADHD or not!

WARNING: This blog post contains unbridled ranting…

Filters down! I just ranted about our Prime Minister on Facebook.

(“Prime Minister” is Canadian for “President,” although I must say when Stephen Harper was elected I called him our Vice President, because he was pretty cozy with then-American President George Bush. Harper’s still our Prime Minister, poor lonely guy… I have no idea WHO he takes his cues from nowadays…)

Using Facebook for political rants…yes or no?

Here’s the question: is it ok to use your personal Facebook page for political rants?

I think so.

Let me back up. I’m Canadian. I think you guys know that by now.

I have ADHD…maybe I’ve mentioned it?

Anyway, so we’re having another Federal election. When I heard our incumbent Prime Minister’s latest political ad on the radio, I went nuts (if you’ll pardon the expression and the redundancy) when I heard that he’s going to be tough on human smuggling.

Something’s fishy about this Red Herring…

Human smuggling?! I had no idea Canada was inundated by humans who’ve been smuggled here. And frankly, even if we were, so what? (There’s a few humans I’d like to smuggle OUTTA here, but that’s for another rant…)

Quite frankly, we have one or two social ills that are a tad more pressing (and prevalent) than pressed bodies in a cargo hold desperate to get to a better life (and why can’t we just help them, anyway?…)

I was angry. I AM angry. So I wrote about it in my status line on Facebook.

Am I sorry? Hell no.

Filters down? Or feistiness up?

At first, I thought, “Zoë, you’re blurting. You’re reacting impulsively. It’s the ADHD.”

But it’s not.

It isn’t always ADHD that makes me blurt / rant / speak out / stand up / take a stand.

We Canadians aren’t always as polite as you might think (although mostly, we are).

Frankly, I’m GLAD that sometimes I don’t hold back. That my filters are down. Because sometimes, an important truth comes out. A truth that needs to be spoken.

A truth that needs to be heard.

And, most importantly, a truth that incites others to speak THEIR truth… and that’s when things get interesting. Exhilarating, even.

Election? What election?

So, here we are two weeks into our federal election – that’s TWO WEEKS – and there’s nary a sign on a lawn.

People, wake up! If we ADHDers blurt stuff, at least some of the time, we’re blurting things that others are too afraid or too disengaged to say, and I’m not afraid to say that.

How can people not realize that politics affects not only our daily lives, it affects our every move – whether we know it or not.

Potholes on your street? Politics.

Not allowed to drink raw milk? Politics.

Gas prices too high? Politics.

Here we are, Canadian and American alike, involved in wars and commerce and social experiments we barely understand, and we’d rather sit at home and watch CSI or Wheel of Fortune or whatever bloody else we’re watching than ask questions, find out what’s making our lives tick (or not), what’s affecting our health care, our kids’ educations, and our quality of life and – at least as importantly – the quality of life of our neighbors and friends.

Politics – passion – compassion

If we don’t find out about the life experiences of our fellow humans – the ones who are poor, sick, and yes – who are struggling with mental health issues – how can we know how to respond?

Where is our sense of duty towards our fellow human beings, towards our kids?

We need to live and shape our own lives, or others will shape them for us. As someone with ADHD and its inherent individualism, I am even more loathe than others to see this happen.

Here I am, ADHD & all

If we’re so outraged by the powerlessness of citizens of other nations – why aren’t we showing our own power, as citizens, right here at home? What are we trying to confer onto other nations? The right to sit at home and watch Friends re-runs from the comfort of an oversized La-Z-boy?


I’m taking my hyperactive energy, my intellect, and my quirky, quick mind into this election with all the enthusiasm, spirit and passion that I’ve been blessed with. I invite my ADHD and non-ADHD brothers and sisters to jump into the fray with me!

Rant over.


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