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Archives for February, 2011

ADHD (General)

OMG! I Came Out at Work Today!

I’ve been off my medication because I couldn't afford it. It's been about five days.

I thought I was doing fine.

But a couple of days ago, my boss called me out on a mistake I made. This just wasn't like me.

Yesterday, I missed an important appointment. I completely forgot about it. I hadn't done this kind of thing for several years. Now I...
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ADHD (General)

I’m Your Dog: An ADHD Parenting Guide

Zoë with Sam, 2010; the perfect dog (for me)

"Be careful! You'll be a lot safer on the path."

I heard myself yelling this at my dog on today’s walk.

As a rabid adult ADHDer, the whole “safety” and “path” thing made me cringe.

I considered my relationship with my blind dog, Samantha; then realized if I was an ADHD kid looking for parents, I'd want them...
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ADHD (General)

ADHD Whisperers

“You can’t really work with a horse if you’re scattered, a horse doesn’t feel comfortable being led by someone in that state.”  ~ Kail O’Donnell
You've heard of horse whisperers. But did you know that horses are ADHD whisperers?

Kail O’Donnell was 12 years old when he began working with Toby, a...
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ADHD (General)

50 First (and Last) Dates

It's Valentine's Day. Congratulations to those of you who have a valentine.

For the rest of us, could it be that our dateless day is due to our inability to learn from past mistakes? According to researchers like Russell Barkley, this may very well be the case.

Take me for example. Sometimes, I feel...
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ADHD (General)

Mental Health: Personal or Political?

A dear friend of mine’s younger sister died yesterday morning. Nancy (not her real name), had suffered from a debilitating depression.  Over the years, she had tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide.

Today, when I told friends that I was angry, they thought I meant that I was angry with Nancy.

I'm not.

Brain chemistry balance: the difference between life and death?

I can understand how someone could...
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