The Gift of ADHD?

I’ve used this photo before in a recent Christmas blog post. When I took the shot, in 2006, I had a lot of fun coming up with captions for it. I hadn’t been diagnosed then. Now, I’m thinking up captions with an ADHD theme.

It’s YOUR turn!

I thought it would be fun for us to create some slogans together, using this image. So here’s the deal:

If, between NOW and CHRISTMAS, you want to come up with your own funny caption to go along with this photo, please go ahead and send it in to me directly at [email protected]

I reserve the right to edit, ignore, slightly alter, use or not use, any captions that are sent in. You keep the slogan’s copyright.

It’s crowded outside the box! (outside the blue box?…)

We’ve got a bunch of extremely creative ADD-types reading this blog. If you haven’t picked up on that, here’s proof: readers have come up with some hilarious stuff already, via comments to the previous posts. Here are a few examples:

* Cooking with ADHD – Spicey. And…Dangerous!

* Zoë’s Pet Peeves: ADHD Jargon

* Pomegranate Fiasco

* New ADHD Subtypes Discovered!

Here’s your canvas

Holy recycling!

Holy recycling!

For those of you who want to rise to the challenge, here’s the unadulterated version of the photo. Just send in the caption, and I’ll post it. Feel free to “lift” the photo from here, print it out and hang it above your monitor (or where ever you do your funniest thinking!) to inspire you.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

On another note

In classic and elegant ADHD style, Suzz, an ADHD: from A to Zoë reader, read my blog post about our messy offices & living spaces too late to meet the deadline to send in photos. I told her to go ahead anyway.

So here, for your guilty ADHD pleasure, are photos sent in by Suzz. Thanks for your bold confessional, Suzz!  (BTW – Does your hubby know you’re doing this?!)

ADHDer Suzz's husband's office

ADHDer Suzz's husband's office

ADHDer Suzz's messy office

Suzz's messy ADHD office

So, get to work on your captions, everyone! Let’s see what we can come up with!

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