Zoë Kessler, Chick-A-D-D, ADHDer on Twitter, ChickADD44After months of resisting, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I became a twit. That’s right, I began “tweeting.”  (see how fast I caught on to the lingo?!)

Someone commented on my blog that they didn’t like Twitter. So, if the visitors won’t come to Twitter, this twit will come to you.

I may not change your mind, but I wanted to share an amazing discovery I made by flying into Twitter: it’s got therapeutic applications for ADHDers.

That’s right: tweeting can be part of your Tweetment.

To twit: er, that is, to wit:


Many of us fall prey to this rambling, disconnected form of speech. By limiting us to 140 characters, tweeting outshines even the ancient art of Japanese Haiku as a tool to force us to choose brevity over babbling. With enough practice, even the most esoteric idea can be smushed into a teeny tweet:

Oct. 1/10  Buddhist Masters are non-grasping; last week, I couldn’t grasp hold of anything. Does ADHD fog substitute for enlightenment?

Poor short-term memory

Familiar with the mercurial nature of your thoughts? Brilliant insights evaporating as quickly as they appear? No more…now, you can login, jot the thought, and get out – presto! A written record of your elusive brilliance for easy reference at a later date.

Sept. 26/10  First geocaching experience w/an accomplished geocacher…wish I had a gps for my life!

Sept. 28/10  I’m so lost, I’m even having trouble staying disorganized…


Of course, the above could backfire. Like a maze-bound rat receiving a shock, Twitter serves up a jolt of humiliation should you launch your missives prematurely. Twitter trains you to choose your words carefully – or else.

Sept. 22/10  Proud of myself for not turning my detractors into toads …guess I’m getting that impulsivity under control!

Lack of productivity

Simple tweets can be accomplished in less than five seconds. If nothing else, this is one thing that you know you’ve completed at the end of the day. Added bonus: builds self-esteem through accomplishment!

Oct. 8/10  Zoë’s Pet Peeves: inspired by Stephen Colbert’s “Truthiness,” Zoë explains an ADHDer’s “Giftiness.” http://bit.ly/91dokH


A quick glance at my list of the weeks’ Tweets reminds me of what I’ve done, what I’ve promised to do, and what I have yet to do. Nothing like going public with your goals to keep you honest.

Oct. 13/10  So many questions, so little time! Bilkey Clinic, here I come! http://bilkeyadhd.com/ Look for Dr. Bilkey interview soon!

So you see? Being a Twit can actually help you with your ADHD. Twy it!

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