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Archives for November, 2010

ADHD (General)

The Presence of ADHD at Christmas

Now that I live alone and both my adoptive parents have passed away, I've been reflecting on Christmases past, when I was a hyperactive little Chick A-D-D.

My family didn't know about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder back then (circa 1962). And we sure didn't know about it for girls. Christmas brought special challenges for me. It's only...
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ADHD (General)

Zoë’s Pet Peeves: My Slow Brain / Dr. Russell Barkley’s Excellent Brain!

Today's Pet Peeve is about the fact that I'm completely frustrated with myself for not having written a book review.

I've had a copy of Dr. Russell A. Barkley’s latest book, Taking Charge of Adult ADHD, published in 2010, for a few months now. I'm such a slow reader! And every time I pick up the book, I'm blown away by how he's presented the material, and the...
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ADHD (General)

Sometimes, It’s OK to Stand Out

Photo ©Zoë Kessler, Nov. 2010

One feeling that plagues us as ADHDers, is the feeling of being different. We don't fit in. We don't follow the rules. Try as we might, we just don't get it.

We end up feeling bad about ourselves, our self-confidence plummets.

Today's post is inspired by a recent walk through a nearby park, following a rugged river trail, across the bridge, and home again along...
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