Those With ADHD Need Not Apply

Once you're officially ADHD, you have to deal with the question of who you're going to share your diagnosis with.

It can be a tricky balance to find. On one hand, ADHD impacts pretty much every aspect of your life, so you might naturally feel like telling a lot of people. On the other hand, there's a lot of stigma around ADHD, so you might also not want to tell anyone. Applying to colleges and graduate schools is an instance where deciding whether to disclose your ADHD is often especially difficult.

Coping Strategies

Music Is an ADHD Boredom Killer

People who don't know much about ADHD sometimes accuse those who take ADHD meds of actually just wanting a “legal high.”

So let's start out by putting that myth to rest right away: if you're taking ADHD medication at a therapeutic dosage, the euphoric effects generally wear off after a few days, after which point there's nothing very exhilarating about having to take a pill every day.

BUT... if you want an ADHD treatment that will reliably deliver intense feelings of peace, well-being and happiness, there's another place you can look: music!


ADHD Millennial?

Welcome to ADHD Millennial!

I'm Neil, and I'm a recent college grad who received an ADHD diagnosis about four years ago. I'm going to write about that in posts to come, and I'm going to write about being ADHD, being a millennial and (of course) being an ADHD millennial. I'm also hoping to get your thoughts on these topics.

Today, though, I want to start by asking the important questions: who would actually self-identify as an “ADHD millennial”? Why would anyone do that?

Welcome to ADHD Millennial

You don't often hear the perspective of a young adult and how they deal with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit disorder. Teenagers and young adults often have to grapple with the challenges of the disorder on their own. And others may...