Living with ADHD

Recurring ADHD Dreams

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
In the case of my ADHD, the equal and opposite reaction is anxiety. If you screw up enough times, you learn that it's only a matter of time before you're going to screw up again.

Living with ADHD

What ADHD Symptoms Look Like vs. What They Feel Like

You've done your reading on ADHD, and you know the signs and symptoms. Hyperactivity. Trouble concentrating. Having a desk that tests the limits of the description "organized chaos."

But what do the signs and symptoms of ADHD feel like in the first person? Terms like "inattention" and "impulsivity" are clinical. They describe certain kinds of behaviors.

Living with ADHD

Running to Reflect

There are a lot of good reasons to exercise. It makes you healthier. It feels good. It relieves some of the guilt about what happened with you and that carton of ice cream last night.
But my favorite part of exercising, and running especially, is that it's an ideal time for thinking.

Coping Strategies

3 Truths for Life With ADHD

One of the best things you can do with an ADHD diagnosis is use it as a starting point for reevaluating your life, questioning your assumptions about what life is and figuring out what your priorities are.
Now, I realize that's very philosophical for early on a Friday morning! But I want to talk about this because I think it's one of the most empowering parts of ADHD treatment.